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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of ALDERNEY (Channel Islands)
1983-93A1-A12eDefinitive issue - Alderney Scenes (17v) 5.50
1984A13-A17Birds (5v) 4.00
1985A18-A2250th Anniversary of Alderney Airport (5v) 7.50
 A23-A27Regiments of the Alderney Garrison (5v) 2.50
1986A28-A31Alderney Forts (4v) 3.60
1987A32-A36Alderney Shipwrecks (5v) 7.90
1989A37-A41250th Anniversary of Bastide's Survey of Alderney (5v) 2.50
1990A42-A46Royal Navy Ships named "Alderney" (5v) 2.40
1991A47-A51Automation of the Casquets Lighthouse (5v) 6.00
1992A52-A55300th Anniversary of the Battle of La Hogue (4v) 5.50
1993A56-A59Endangered Species: Marine Life (4v) 3.00
1994-97A60-A77Definitive issue - Flora & Fauna (21v) 9.40
1994-98A70a>A72bDefinitive issue - Flora & Fauna perf 14x15 booklet stamps (5v) 2.40
1995A78-A83Birth Centenary of Tommy Rose (aviator) (6v) 4.80
 MSA8450th Anniversary of the Return of the Islanders to Alderney (1v in sheet) 3.20
1996A85-A88 25th Anniversary of 30th Signal Regiment in Alderney (4v) 4.00
 A89-A94Cats (6v) 4.00
 MSA95Cats (6v in sheet) 4.60
1997A96-A100150th Anniversary of Cricket on Alderney (5v) 4.00
 MSA101150th Anniversary of Cricket on Alderney (5v in sheet) 5.45
 A102-A109Garrison Island I: 150th Anniversary of Harbour (8v) 3.15
1998A110-A11421st Anniversary of Alderney Diving Club (5v)3.10
 MSA11521st Anniversary of Alderney Diving Club (5v in sheet)4.50
 A116-A123Garrison Island II: Island Life (8v)3.50
1999MSA124S.S. Stella ~ shipwreck (2v in sheet)3.90
 A125-A130Eclipse of the Sun (6v)3.80
 MSA131Eclipse of the Sun (6v & label in sheet)4.80
 A132-A139Garrison Island III: Fortifications & Regiments (8v)3.60
2000A140-A145World Wildlife Fund ~ Peregrine Falcons (6v)3.60
 A146-A151A Wombling Holiday (6v)3.60
 MSA152A Wombling Holiday (6v in sheet)5.40
 MSA153HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday (1v in sheet)2.50
 A154-A161Garrison Island IV: Memorable Occasions (8v)3.80
2001MSA16275th Birthday of H.M. The Queen (1v in sheet)2.80
 A163-A168Community Services Part 1: Healthcare (6v)4.50
 A163a-A168aCommunity Services Part 1: Healthcare perf 13½x13 booklet stamps (6v)8.35
 A169-A174Past-Times - Alderney Golf Club (6v)3.70
 MSA175Past-Times - Alderney Golf Club (6v in sheet)5.20
 A176-183Garrison Island V: The Royal Navy (8v)3.90
2002MSA18450th Anniversary of the Queen's Accession (1v in sheet)3.40
A185-190Migrating Birds (Part 1) - Raptors (6v)4.75
MSA191Migrating Birds (Part 1) - Raptors (6v in sheet)9.00
A192-196Alderney Lights. Les Casquets Lighthouse (5v)3.20
A197-202Community Services Part 2: Emergency Medical Services (6v)3.70
A197a-202aCommunity Services Part 2: Emergency Medical Services perf 13½x13 booklet stamps (6v)8.35
2003MSA20350th Anniversary of the Queen's Coronation (1v in sheet)3.35
A204-209History of Aviation (6v)3.70
A210-215Migrating Birds (Part 2) - Seabirds (6v)4.75
MSA216Migrating Birds (Part 2) - Seabirds (6v in sheet)9.00
A217-222Community Services Part 3: Island Police (6v)3.70
2004A223-228Alderney Fungi (6v)3.70
A229-234Alderney FIFA Centenary (6v)3.80
A235-240Migrating Birds (Part 3) - Passerines (6v)4.90
MSA241Migrating Birds (Part 3) - Passerines (6v in sheet)9.00
A242-247Community Services Part 4: Fire Brigade (6v)4.00
ASB14Community Services (Part 4): Prestige booklet16.80
2005A248-252Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid" (5v)3.50
A253-258Battle of Trafalgar Commemoration (6v) 4.00
ASB15Battle of Trafalgar Commemoration: Prestige booklet15.30
A259-264Migrating Birds (Part 4) - Waders (6v) 4.75
MSA265Migrating Birds (Part 4) - Waders (6v in sheet) 9.00
MSA266The Homecoming (1v in sheet) 3.20
2006A267-272"The Once and Future King" (6v)4.20
MSA273"The Once and Future King" (6v in sheet)4.35
A274-28180th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (8v)4.90
A282-287Resident Birds (Part 1) - Seabirds (6v)4.75
ASB16Resident Birds (Part 1) - Seabirds: Prestige booklet18.25
2006-2007A288>308Definitives: Corals and Anemones (16v)13.70
2007A309-314Designation of Ramsar Site (6v)4.45
MSA315Designation of Ramsar Site (6v in sheet)4.80
A316-321Resident Birds (Part 2) - Passerines (6v)4.75
ASB17Resident Birds (Part 2) - Passerines: Prestige booklet16.30
A322-327Just So Stories (6v)4.95
MSA328Just So Stories (6v in m/s)5.20
See "Future issues" for stamps issued after 2007
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