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Peter's Stamps


Great Britain ~ Prestige books

Prestige books contain stamps and text relevant to the title. Earlier books held definitive stamps only but since 1990, commemorative stamps have also appeared. In many cases these books are the only source of some stamp variations particularly Machin and, latterly, Wilding definitives.

I have other Machin stamp books (not Prestige) which are too numerous to list here. If these may be of interest, I will email you a copy of my list which will be in Stanley Gibbons numeration. If this numeration does not help and there is a particular booklet you want, please describe it in detail and I will do my best.

SG#DescriptionPrice (£) SG#DescriptionPrice (£)
ZP1a1969 Stamps for Cooks


 DX201998 The Definitive Portrait9.80
DX11974 £1 Story of Wedgwood - trimmed*


 DX211998 Breaking Barriers (Speed)20.30
DX11974 £1 Story of Wedgwood - good*


 DX221999 Profile on Print24.50
DX11974 £1 Story of Wedgwood - perfect* (if available)


 DX231999 World Changers10.40
DX21980 £3 Story of Wedgwood4.20 DX242000 Special by Design22.00
DX31982 Story of Stanley Gibbons5.50 DX252000 The Life of the Century16.50
DX41983 Story of the Royal Mint5.60 DX262000 Treasury of Trees13.80
DX51984 Story of Our Christian Heritage13.50 DX272001 Submarines20.50
DX61985 Story of The Times 9.50 DX282002 "A Gracious Accession"19.50
DX71986 Story of British Rail 12.90 DX292002 Across the Universe14.30
DX81987 Story of P&O (o/p "Capex '87" £12.00)10.00 DX302003 Microcosmos18.30
DX91988 Story of The Financial Times 17.00 DX312003 A Perfect Coronation29.80
DX101989 The Scots Connection 11.00 DX322004 Letters by Night12.90
DX111990 London Life 14.00 DX332004 The Glory of the Garden (RHS)15.20
DX121991 Alias Agatha Christie8.90 DX342005 The Brontë Sisters12.50
DX131992 "Cymru~Wales8.90DX352005 The Battle of Trafalgar12.50
DX141992 Birth Centenary of Tolkien8.90DX362006 Isambard Kingdom Brunel13.50
DX151993 Story of Beatrix Potter (o/p "Hong Kong" £16.00 when available)14.20DX372006 Victoria Cross 14.30
DX161994 Northern Ireland 12.70DX382007 Inventions 16.30
DX171995 Centenary of ther National Trust12.50DX392007 Machin 40th Anniversary15.90
DX181996 European Football Championship 10.30DX402007 British Army Uniforms13.60
DX191997 75th Anniversary of the BBC10.00DX412008 Ian Fleming's James Bond13.80

* Refers to the pane containing the ½p Machin with a left phosphor band. The booklet with perfect perforations on this pane is not always available and the price is only a guide (Cat. £75)

Please see order page for conversion to other currencies

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