Peter's GB Stamp Album


British stamps from 1924 to date. If you are interested in buying any stamps illustrated on these pages, please make a note of the SG catalogue number(s) and go to my price list:

Price lists

SGD90-D101 Queen Elizabeth II (no watermark)
Issued: 9th June 1982
Design: Sedley Place Design Ltd.
Printed in photogravure by Harrison & Sons Ltd. High Wycombe.
Perforations 14x15 - Stamp size 24mm x 20˝mm


SGD102-D110 St. Edward's Crown (no watermark)
Issued: 15th February 1994
Design: Sedley Place Design Ltd.
Printed in lithography by Questa Colour Security Printers Ltd.
Perforations 15x14 with one elliptical hole on each vertical side - Stamp size 20˝mm x 24˝mm
Note: Postage Due/To Pay stamps were withdrawn from use at the end of May 2000


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