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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GREAT BRITAIN (Definitives 1924 to 1951)
Most of these earlier stamps and sets are available in mounted mint condition at around ½ price - ask me.
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1924 - George V - Watermark: Block Cypher - Perforations 15 x 14 (shaded colour around head)
YearSGFace value/colourPrice £YearSGFace value/colourPrice £
1924418½d green0.5019244244d grey-green19.50
 4191d scarlet0.50 4255d brown35.80
 4201½d red-brown0.50 426a6d purple2.50
 4212d orange1.20 4279d olive-green16.30
 4222½d blue6.50 42810d turquoise-blue57.20
 4233d violet11.40 4291/- bistre-brown35.80
      Set of 12 values£179.00
With sideways watermark:
 418a½d green8.50 420b1½d red-brown10.00
 419a1d scarlet20.00 421b2d orange135.00
       Set of 4 values£170.00
With watermark inverted:
 418Wi½d green3.00 420Wi1½d red-brown2.00
 419Wi1d scarlet3.00  Set of 3 values£7.50
These three are the commonest inverted watermark values - for other values please Email me
1934 - George V - Photogravure - Perforations 15 x 14 (solid colour around head)
1934439½d green0.2019354454d deep grey-green1.95
 4401d scarlet0.4619364465d yellow-brown7.35
 4411½d red-brown0.2019354479d deep olive-green11.40
19354422d orange0.45193644810d turquoise-blue19.50
 4432½d ultramarine1.00 4491/- bistre-brown26.00
 4443d violet1.10 Set of 11 values£65.00
With sideways watermark:
1934439a½d green7.801934441d1½d red-brown7.80
 440c1d scarlet19.501935442b2d orange136.50
       Set of 4 values£170.00
With watermark inverted:
1934439Wi½d green10.401934441Wi1½d red-brown1.40
 440Wi1d scarlet9.50  Set of 3 values£20.00
1936 - Edward VIII - Perforations 15 x 14
1936457½d green0.1519364591½d red-brown0.15
 4581d scarlet0.15 4602½d bright blue0.25
      Set of 4 values£0.55
With watermark inverted:
1936457Wi½d green6.501936459Wi1½d red-brown0.60
 458Wi1d scarlet6.20  Set of 3 values£12.00
1937-1940 - George VI - Dark Colours - Perforations 15 x 14
1937462½d green0.1019394706d purple0.90
 4631d scarlet0.10 4717d emerald-green4.55
 4641½d red-brown0.15 4728d bright carmine5.85
19384652d orange0.85 4739d deep olive-green4.25
19374662½d ultramarine0.20 47410d turquoise-blue3.60
19384673d violet3.251947474a11d plum1.65
 4684d grey-green0.2019394751/- bistre-brown4.90
 4695d brown1.95 Set of 15 values£24.70
With sideways watermark:
1938462a½d green0.351938465a2d orange40.65
 463a1d scarlet13.001940466a2½d ultramarine48.75
 464a1½d red-brown0.65  Set of 5 values£97.50
With watermark inverted:
1937462Wi½d green6.501938465Wi2d orange45.50
 463Wi1d scarlet32.501937466Wi2½d ultramarine35.75
 464Wi1½d red-brown11.40  Set of 5 values£105.70
1941-1942 - George VI - Light Colours - Perforations 15 x 14
1941485½d pale green0.1519414882d pale orange0.30
 4861d pale scarlet0.15 4892½d light ultramarine0.15
19424871½d pale red-brown0.40 4903d pale violet1.00
      Set of 6 values£1.70
With sideways watermark:
1942486a1d pale scarlet2.951942489a2½d light ultramarine8.15
1941488a2d pale orange13.00  Set of 3 values£21.50
With watermark inverted:
1941485Wi½d pale green2.401941489Wi2½d light ultramarine0.70
 488Wi2d pale orange2.05  Set of 3 values£4.50
1950-1951 - George VI - Colours changed - Perforations 15 x 14
1951503½d pale orange0.1519515062d pale red-brown0.30
 5041d light ultramarine0.20 5072½d pale scarlet0.20
 5051½d pale green0.3019505084d light ultramarine0.85
      Set of 6 values£1.65
With sideways watermark:
 505a1½d0.85 507a2½d0.50
       Set of 4 values£1.70
With watermark inverted:
 504Wi1d2.50 507Wi2½d1.25
 505Wi1½d4.10  Set of 5 values£10.80
Please see order page for conversion to other currencies

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