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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GREAT BRITAIN (Definitives 1952 to 1967)
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1952-1954 - Elizabeth II - Wilding Portrait - Watermark: Tudor Crown - Perforations 15 x 14
YearSGFace value/colourPrice £YearSGFace value/colourPrice £
1953515½d orange-red0.0719545236d reddish purple2.50
 5161d ultramarine0.13 5247d bright green6.50
19525171½d green0.0719535258d magenta0.55
19535182d red-brown 0.1019545269d bronze-green14.65
19525192½d carmine-red T10.10 52710d Prussian blue11.40
1953519b2½d carmine-red T2*0.50 52811d brown-purple24.40
19545203d deep lilac0.5519535291/- bistre-brown0.55
19535214d ultramarine1.95 5301/3d green2.80
 5225d brown0.55 5311/6d grey-blue13.00
  * not included in set of 17 values Set of 17 values£65.00
With sideways watermark:
1954517a1½d green0.201954519a2½d carmine-red3.25
 518a2d red-brown0.40  Set of 3 values£3.50
With watermark inverted:
1954515Wi½d orange-red0.551954518Wi2d red-brown22.75
 516Wi1d ultramarine4.201953519bWi2½d carmine-red0.13
1953517Wi1½d green0.26  Set of 5 values£27.30
1955-1958 - Elizabeth II - Wilding Portrait - Watermark: St. Edward's Crown - Perf 15 x 14
1955540½d orange-red0.1019555486d reddish purple3.15
 5411d ultramarine0.17 548a6d deep claret*3.15
 5421½d green0.1019565497d bright green39.00
 5432d red-brown0.1619555508d magenta4.55
1956543b2d light red-brown0.10 5519d bronze green13.00
19555442½d carmine-red T10.10 55210d Prussian blue13.00
 544b2½d carmine-red T2*0.20 55311d brown-purple0.65
19565453d deep lilac0.11 5541/- bistre-brown14.65
19555464d ultramarine0.8519565551/3d green19.50
 5475d brown4.10 5561/6d grey-blue19.50
  * not included in set of 18 values Set of 18 values£97.50
With sideways watermark:
1956542a1½d green0.101956544a2½d carmine-red T10.85
 543a2d red-brown0.201957545b3d deep lilac11.40
 543d2d light red-brown4.90  Set of 5 values£15.50
With watermark inverted:
1955540Wi½d orange-red0.101957543bWi2d light red-brown6.50
 541Wi1d ultramarine0.351955544bWi2½d carmine-red T20.20
 542Wi1½d green0.351957545Wi3d deep lilac1.65
 543Wi2d red-brown10.40  Set of 7 values£17.55
1957 - Elizabeth II - Wilding Portrait - 1st graphite-lined issue - Perf 15 x 14
1957561½d orange-red0.2019575642d light red-brown0.85
 5621d ultramarine0.26 5652½d carmine-red T24.10
 5631½d green0.85 5663d deep lilac0.55
      Set of 6 values6.50
1958-1965 - Elizabeth II - Wilding Portrait - Watermark: Multiple Crowns - Perf 15 x 14
1958570½d orange-red0.0719595774½d chestnut0.07
1963570k*½d orange-red*1.6519585785d brown0.15
19585711d ultramarine0.07 5796d deep claret0.15
 5721½d green0.07 5807d bright green0.30
 5732d light red-brown0.0719605818d magenta0.30
 5742½d carmine-red T20.0719595829d bronze-green0.30
1961574e2½d carmine-red T1*1.20195858310d Prussian blue0.60
1963574k*2½d carmine-red T2*0.13 5841/- bistre-brown0.30
19585753d deep lilac0.0819595851/3d green0.30
 5764d ultramarine*0.2019585861/6d grey-blue5.00
1965576a4d deep ultramarine0.10*The 'k' suffix indicates printing on chalk-surfaced paper
  * not included in set of 17 values Set of 17 values£6.50
With sideways watermark:
1961570a½d orange-red0.101960574d2½d carmine-red T10.35
 571a1d ultramarine0.551964574L2½d carmine-red T20.35
 572b1½d green4.901958575a3d deep lilac0.10
1959573a2d light red-brown0.451965576ab4d deep ultramarine0.85
       Set of 8 values£6.50
With watermark inverted:
1958570Wi½d orange-red0.201958574Wi2½d carmine-red T23.30
 570kWi*½d orange-red2.051963574kWi*2½d carmine-red T20.35
 571Wi1d ultramarine0.201958575Wi3d deep lilac0.15
 572Wi1½d green3.001965576aWi4d deep ultramarine3.00
1961573Wi2d light red-brown89.70*The 'k' suffix indicates printing on chalk-surfaced paper
       Set of 9 values £94.50
1958-1961 - Elizabeth II - Wilding Portrait - 2nd graphite-lined issue - Perf 15 x 14
1959587½d orange-red5.7519595912½d carmine-red T25.75
19585881d ultramarine1.6019585923d deep lilac0.20
19595891½d green61.7519595934d ultramarine3.25
19585902d light red-brown4.90 5944½d chestnut3.25
   Set of 8 values£78.00
With watermark inverted:
1959587Wi½d orange-red1.301959591Wi2½d carmine-red T240.65
 588Wi1d ultramarine1.00 592Wi3d deep lilac0.25
 589Wi1½d green26.00  Set of 5 values£63.70
1959 - Elizabeth II - Wilding Portrait - graphite-lined issue with phosphor bands - Perf 15 x 14
1959599½d orange-red2.5019596062½d carmine-red T213.85
 6001d ultramarine8.15 6073d deep lilac6.50
 6011½d green2.50 6084d ultramarine14.65
 6052d light red-brown3.25 6094½d chestnut16.25
 605a2d light red-brown*110.50    
* Watermark error - not included in set of 8 values Set of 8 values£55.50
1960-1967 - Elizabeth II - Wilding Portrait - Wmk: Multiple Crowns - phosphor bands - Perf 15 x 14
1960610½d orange-red (2b)0.1019606164d ultramarine (2b)*2.20
 6111d ultramarine (2b)0.101965616a4d deep ultramarine (2b)0.95
 6121½d green (2b)0.13 1961616b4½d chestnut (2b)0.20
 6132d light red-brown (1b)*11.701967616c5d brown (2b)0.20
1961613a2d light red-brown (2b)0.1319606176d deep claret (2b)0.24
19606142½d carmine-red T2 (2b)0.13 1967617a7d bright green (2b)0.40
1961614a2½d carmine-red T2 (1b)*0.40 617b8d magenta (2b)0.35
 614b2½d carmine-red T1 (1b)*35.751966617c9d bronze-green (2b)0.35
19606153d deep lilac (2b)*0.45 617d10d Prussian blue (2b)0.50
1965615c3d deep lilac (Rb)*0.401967617e1/- bistre-brown (2b)0.35
 615cEa3d deep lilac (Lb)*0.4819606181/3d green (2b)1.30
1966615e3d deep lilac (Cb)0.201966618a1/6d grey-blue (2b)1.60
  * not included in set of 17 values Set of 17 values£5.90
No. of phosphor bands: 1b (1 band), 2b, Lb (left), Rb (right) & Cb (centre)Set of 24 values£50.10
With sideways watermark:
1961610a½d orange-red5.751965615d3d deep lilac (Rb)2.95
 611a1d ultramarine0.25 615dEa3d deep lilac (Lb)2.95
 612a1½d green5.751967615ea3d deep lilac (Cb)0.35
1967613ab2d light red-brown0.201965616ab4d ultramarine0.20
1961615b3d deep lilac (2b)0.65  Set of 9 values£17.60
With watermark inverted:
1960610Wi½d orange-red1.001960615Wi3d deep lilac (2b)0.35
 611Wi1d ultramarine0.201967615cWi3d deep lilac (Rb)4.95
 612Wi1½d green9.75 615cWia3d deep lilac (Lb)48.75
 614Wi2½d carmine-red T2 (2b)137.80 615eWi3d deep lilac (Cb)2.50
1962614aWi2½d carmine-red T2 (1b)27.651965616aWi4d ultramarine0.24
       Set of 10 values£221.00
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