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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GREAT BRITAIN (Definitives 1993 to date)
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Glossary for phosphor & phosphor-banded stamps:
(1b) = 1 band, (Cb) = centre band, (Lb) = left band, (Rb) = right band, (2b) = 2 bands, (pp) = phosphorised paper.
Printers: E = Enschedé, D = De La Rue, H = Harrison (later De La Rue), Q = Questa, W = Walsall, C = Cartor
a) Photogravure with phosphor bands - Perforations 15 x 14 with elliptical hole on each vertical side
SGFace value/colourPrice £SGFace value/colourPrice £
Y16671p crimson (2b) E, H or Q 0.05Y171241p grey-brown (2b) E1.10
Y16682p deep green (2b) E or H0.05Y171341p drab (pp) H5.40
Y16682p deep green (2b) Q3.60Y171441p rosine (2b) D0.65
Y16694p new blue (2b) E or H0.10Y171542p deep olive-grey (2b) D1.80
Y16705p dull red-brown (2b) E or H0.10Y171643p deep olive-brown (2b) E0.75
Y16716p yellow-olive (2b) E or H0.20Y171743p sepia (2b)3.00
Y16727p grey (2b) H2.70Y1717a43p sepia perf 14 (2b) 0.60
Y16737p bright magenta (2b) D0.40Y171843p emerald (2b)0.80
Y16748p yellow (2b) D0.30Y171944p grey-brown (2b) H3.00
Y16759p yellow-orange (2b) D0.25Y172044p deep bright blue (2b) D1.00
Y167610p dull orange (2b) E or H0.15Y172145p bright mauve (2b) D0.65
Y1676a10p dull orange (2b) perf. 14 W0.50Y172246p yellow (2b) D0.90
Y167712p greenish blue (2b) D0.50Y172347p turquoise-green (2b) D0.60
Y167814p rose red (2b) D0.30Y172448p bright mauve (2b) D1.10
Y167915p bright magenta (2b) D0.25Y172549p red-brown (2b) D1.10
Y168016p pink (2b) D0.25Y172650p ochre (2b) E or H0.75
Y168117p brown-olive (2b) D0.40Y172750p grey (2b) D0.80
Y168219p bistre (Cb) H or Q0.25Y172854p red-brown T2 (2b) D or E0.85
Y168319p bistre (Rb) perf. 14 W0.40Y172956p yellow-olive (2b) D0.95
Y168420p turquoise-green (2b) E0.35Y173060p light emerald (2b) D1.20
Y168520p bright green (Cb) D or H0.35Y173162p rosine (2b) D1.15
Y168620p bright green (Rb) H0.40Y173263p light emerald (2b) E, H or W1.15
Y168720p bright green (2b) H0.30Y173364p turquoise-green (2b) H or W1.50
Y168822p drab (2b) D0.40Y173465p greenish blue (2b) D1.50
Y168925p rose-red (pp) H0.30Y173567p bright mauve (2b) D1.35
Y169025p rose-red (2b) E or H0.60Y173668p grey-brown (2b) D or W1.05
Y169126p red-brown (2b) H or Q0.45Y173772p rosine (2b) D1.60
Y169226p gold (2b) H 0.40Y173878p emerald green (2b) D1.45
Y169329p grey (2b) E0.60Y173981p turquoise-green (2b) D1.35
Y169430p deep olive-grey (2b) E, H or W0.55Y174088p bright magenta (2b) D1.60
Y169531p deep mauve (2b) E or H0.65Y174190p ultramarine (2b) D1.55
Y169633p grey-green (2b) D0.55Y174297p violet (2b) D1.75
Y169734p yellow-olive (2b) D2.70Y1743£1 bluish violet (2b) E or H1.40
Y169835p yellow (2b) E0.85Y1744£1 magenta (2b) D1.45
Y169935p yellow (pp) H5.10Y1745£1.46 greenish blue (2b) D2.55
Y170035p sepia (2b) D0.70Y1746£1.50 greenish bluet (2b) D2.70
Y170135p yellow-olive (Cb) E0.60Y1747£2 deep blue-green (2b) D3.90
Y170236p bright ultramarine (2b) H or W0.75Y1748£3 deep mauve (2b) D5.40
Y170337p bright mauve (2b) E, H or W0.75Y1749£5 azure (2b) D9.00
Y170437p grey-black (2b) D0.75
Y170537p brown-olive (Cb) D0.75
Y170638p rosine (2b) E0.65
Y170738p ultramarine (2b) H or W0.90
Y1707a38p ultramarine perf 14 (2b) W2.20
Y170839p bright magenta (2b) E or H0.60
Y170939p grey (2b) D0.90
Y171040p deep azure (2b) D0.85
Y171140p turquoise-blue (2b) D0.70
b) Lithography with phosphor bands - Perforations 15 x 14 with elliptical hole on each vertical side
Y17601p lake (2b) Q0.25Y177626p chestnut (2b) Q0.40
Y17611p reddish purple (2b) C2.40Y177730p olive-grey (2b) Q2.30
Y17625p chocolate (2b) D ex DX452.70Y177835p yellow (2b) Q or W0.60
Y17635p red-brown (2b) C ex DX510.10Y177937p bright mauve (2b) W1.50
Y17645p lake-brown (2b) C ex DX520.10Y178041p drab (2b) Q or W0.80
Y17655p red-brown TIII (2b) C ex DX483.60Y1780a41p grey-brown (2b) Q 1.45
Y17666p yellow-olive (2b) Q6.30Y178148p bright mauve (2b) D3.30
Y176710p dull orange (2b) C0.15Y178250p grey (2b) D 1.80
Y176710p dull orange (2b) Q1.45Y178354p chestnut TIII (2b) C 0.65
Y176810p pale brownish orange (2b) C 0.40Y178460p dull blue-grey (2b) W1.20
Y176916p pale cerise (2b) D0.60Y178560p emerald (2b) C3.00
Y177017p bistre (2b) C0.25Y178662p rosine (2b) C0.75
Y177119p bistre (Lb) Q0.25Y178763p light emerald (2b) W1.95
Y1771a19p bistre (Rb) Q0.25Y178867p bright Mauve (2b) C5.40
Y177220p bright yellow-green (Cb) Q1.35Y178990p bright blue (2b) C4.80
Y177320p light green (2b) C0.30Y179097p bluish violet (2b) C6.00
Y177422p olive-brown (2b) C0.30
Y177525p red (2b) Q or W0.45
Click for illustrations of above values 1p-35p Click for illustrations of above values 36p-£5 
Photogravure by Harrison - Perfs 15 x 14 with elliptical hole on each vertical side
197826p gold (2b) see SG1686 above  
Photogravure by Walsall - Perfs 14 (New 'Wildings') with elliptical hole on each vertical side
203120p light green (Rb) 0.40237847p bistre-brown (2b)1.50
2031Ea20p light green (Lb) 0.40237968p grey-blue (2b)1.60
203226p red-brown (2b) 0.452380£1 deep yellow-green ~ similar to SG534 (2b)26.00
203337p light purple (2b)1.20Note 1: SG2031-33 were only in Prestige booklets DX20
Set of 4 values2.40Note 2: SG2378-80 were only in Prestige booklets DX31
For England country issues, please see
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