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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GUERNSEY (2001 to 2003)
2001884-889Queen Victoria ~ the end of an era (6v)3.70
 MS890Queen Victoria ~ the end of an era (6v in sheet)3.75
 891-894Europa 2001 ~ Water: a national treasure (4v)2.60
 895-900Guernsey Dog Club 1901-2001 (6v)3.70
 901-910Island Colours - self-adhesive stamps (Litho 10v from sheetlet or booklets)5.45
 911-920Island Colours - self-adhesive stamps (Photo 10v from roll)14.50
 921-926Guernsey Post Limited (6v)3.70
927Guernsey Post special minisheet incorporating reprint of SG286.00
 928-933Christmas Lights (6v)3.70
 MS934Christmas Lights (6v in sheet)3.75
2002935-940Victor Hugo ~ Les Miserables (6v)3.70
MS941Victor Hugo ~ Les Miserables (6v in sheet)3.75
942-947Europa 2002 ~ Circus (6v)3.70
948-95350 Glorious Years ~ Queen's Golden Jubilee (6v)3.70
MS954150 Years of the Pillar Box (1v in sheet)2.80
955-964Holiday in Sark (10v)4.20
965-970Herbert Wallace Le Patourel VC (6v)3.70
MS971HM The Queen Mother (1v in sheet)3.15
972-977The Christmas Story (6v)3.70
MS978The Christmas Story (6v in sheet)3.75
2003979-983Memories of World War II ~ 1943 (5v)4.25
984-989Island Games (6v)3.65
MS990Island Games (6v in sheet)3.85
991-996Europa: Poster Art (6v)3.70
MS997HMS Guernsey (1v in sheet)2.40
998-1007HRH Prince William of Wales (10v)4.25
1008High value ~ Letters on a Stamp on a Letter (1v)7.00
1009-1014Christmas 2003 ~ "T'was the Night before Christmas" (6v)3.45
MS1015Christmas 2003 ~ "T'was the Night before Christmas" (6v in sheet)3.60
Please see order page for payment in other currencies

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