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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GUERNSEY (2004 to date)
2004MS1016Endangered Species - Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey (1v in sheet)29 Jan 044.20
1017-1026Raymond Evison Clematis - self adhesive (10v)29 Jan 046.00
1027-1031Memories of WWII - 1944 (5v)12 May 044.40
1032-1037Europa 2004. "Vacation" (6v)12 May 043.80
1038-1043Celebration 800 (6v)24 Jun 044.00
MS1044Celebration 800 (6v in sheet)24 Jun 044.85
1045-1048Dedication. The XXVIII Olympiad (4v) 29 Jul 042.95
MS1049Dedication (1v in sheet) Also an Olympiad Prestige booklet - £13.4029 Jul 042.50
1050-1059The Innocence of Christmas (10v) 28 Oct 045.20
20051060-1065Memories of WWII - 1945 (5v)3 Feb 054.65
1066-1070William John Caparne ~ artist (6v)3 Feb 054.05
MS1071William John Caparne ~ artist (6v in m/s)3 Feb 054.05
802£4 Maritime Heritage definitive (1v)9 May 055.50
1072-1077Europa - Gastronomy (6v)9 May 054.00
1078-107960th Anniversary of Liberation (2v se-tenant)9 May 053.25
1080-1084Sea Guernsey 2005 (5v) Also a Prestige booklet - £13.5021 July 053.25
MS1085Endangered Species - Basking Shark (1v in m/s)21 July 053.35
1086-1095Stained-glass Windows from Guernsey & Alderney Churches (10v) 27 Oct 055.20
2006MS1096Endangered Species of the Florida Everglades (2v in m/s)16 Feb 064.15
1097-1102150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross (6v)16 Feb 064.20
1103-1108Andy Priaulx's Motor Racing Victories (6v)20 May 064.35
MS1109Andy Priaulx's Motor Racing Victories (6v in m/s)20 May 064.40
1110-1115Birth Bicent. of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (6v) Prestige booklet - £17.3020 May 064.35
1116-1121Europa. Integration. Student's Gap Year Travels (6v)20 May 064.35
112280th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (1v)17 Jun 0616.20
1123-1128Designation of L'Erée Wetland as Ramsar Site (6v)27 Jul 064.30
MS1129Designation of L'Erée Wetland as Ramsar Site (6v in m/s)27 Jul 064.35
1130-1141Christmas 2006. The Twelve Days of Christmas (12v)2 Nov 066.50
20071142-114725th Anniversary of the Battle for the Falklands (6v)8 Mar 073.85
MS114825th Anniversary of the Battle for the Falklands (6v in m/s)8 Mar 075.95
1149-1158La Société Guernesiaise self-adhesive (2 booklets - 1 of 10 UK & 1 of 10 Guernsey) sheetlets of 5 UK & 5 Guernsey @ £4.708 Mar 079.35
1159-1164Europa. Centenary of Scouting 2007 (6v) 24 May 073.85
1165-1172British F1 World Champions (8v)24 May 074.80
MS1173Endangered Species (1v in m/s)2 Aug 073.40
1174-1179Royal Diamond Anniversary (6v) Prestige booklet - £15.302 Aug 073.85
1180-1185Sepac 2007 Sea Guernsey (6v) 1 Oct 073.85
1186-1197Deck the Halls (12v) 25 Oct 076.05
See "Future issues" for stamps issued after 2007
CTO sets and Presentation packs available. FDCs must be ordered in advance to ensure availability.
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