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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GUERNSEY (1941 to 1980)
1941-441-3German Occupation issue on white paper, no watermark. ½d, 1d & 2½d10.50
Note: There are various printings of SG1-3 which I can provide on request. These are also available in fine mint (previously mounted) at a discount of about 20-30% Please ask me by Email.
19424German Occupation issue on French bank-note paper, wmk loops. ½d18.00
19425German Occupation issue on French bank-note paper, wmk loops. 1d12.00
19424-5German Occupation issue on French bank-note paper, wmk loops. ½d & 1d27.30
1958-666-8Regional issue, wmk Multiple Crowns. 2½d, 3d & 4d0.80
19677p-8pRegional issue, wmk Multiple Crowns. 3d & 4d with phosphor bands0.45
1968-699-12Regional issue, no wmk. 3 x 4d (in 3 different colours) & 5d0.60
1969-7013-28Definitive issue - Independent Postal Administration (16v) 13.00
 14 & 23Definitive issue - The 2 map values (1d & 1/6d) in blocks of 4 (2x2)1.00
197014b & 23bDefinitive issue - 1d & 1/6d values with correction to map design1.00
1970-7127a & 28aDefinitive issue - 10/- & £1 with larger perforations (13½ x 13)16.50
196929-32Birth Bicentenary of Sir Isaac Brock (4v)1.00
197033-3525th Anniversary of Liberation (3v)1. 00
 36-39Agriculture and Horticulture (4v)3.00
 40-43 Christmas. Guernsey Churches I (4v) 1.30
197144-58Definitive issue - Decimal currency (15v) 2.30
 59-62Thomas de la Rue Commemoration (4v) 1. 20
 63-66Christmas. Guernsey Churches II (4v)1.20
197267-70Mail Packet Boats I (4v) 0.70
 71World Conference of Guernsey Breeders (1v) 0.15
 72-75Wild Flowers (4v)0.40
 76-79Christmas & Royal Silver Wedding (4v)0.60
197380-83Mail Packet Boats II (4v) 0.50
 84-8850th Anniversary of Guernsey Air Service (5v)0.50
 89-92Christmas. Stained Glass Windows from Guernsey Churches (4v)0.40
 93Royal Wedding. Princess Anne & Mark Phillips (1v)0.25
197494-97150th Anniversary of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (4v)0.25
 98-113Definitive issue - Militia Uniforms (18v)2.70
 114-117Centenary of the Universal Postal Union (4v)0.25
 118-121Paintings by Renoir (4v)0.35
1975122-125Guernsey Ferns (4v)0.40
 126-129Victor Hugo's Exile in Guernsey (4v)0.30
 MS130Victor Hugo's Exile in Guernsey (4v in sheet)0.40
 131-134Christmas. Flags, Shields and Seals of the Bailiwick (4v)0.35
1976135-138Lighthouses (4v)0.45
 139-140Europa: Cups (2v)0.30
 141-144Views (4v)0.40
 145-148Christmas. Buildings (4v)0.40
1977149-150Silver Jubilee (2v)0.40
 151-152Europa: Landscapes (2v)0.40
 153-156Prehistoric Monuments (4v)0.40
 157-160Christmas. St. John Ambulance Centenary (4v)0.50
1978161-164Old Guernsey Prints I (4v)0.40
 165-166Europa: Monuments (2v)0.15
 16725th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (1v)0.20
 168Royal Visit (1v)0.10
 169-172Birds (4v)0.40
 173-176Christmas Flora (4v)0.40
1979-83177-198Definitive issue - Coins (22v)12.50
1982181aDefinitive issue - Coins 5p with yellow-brown background (1v)0.25
1979201-202Europa: Communications (2v)0.15
 203-206History of Public Transport (4v)0.40
 207-21010th Anniversary of Guernsey Postal Administration (4v)0.45
 MS21110th Anniversary of Guernsey Postal Administration (4v in sheet)0.50
1980212-213Europa: Personalities (2v)0.25
 214-21660th Anniversary of the Guernsey Police Force (3v)0.40
 217-220Golden Guernsey Goats (4v)0.50
 221-225Christmas. Paintings by Peter le Lievre (5v)0.70
Please see order page for payment in other currencies

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