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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GUERNSEY (1981 to 1990)
1981226-229Butterflies (4v)0.90
 230-231Europa: Folklore (2v)0.45
 232-238Royal Wedding - Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer (7v)1.50
 MS239Royal Wedding - Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer (7v in sheet)1.60
 240-244Inter-island Transport (5v)1.10
 245-248International Year for the Disabled (4v) 0.90
1982249-252Old Guernsey Prints II (4v)0.90
 253-258Centenary of La Société Guernesiaise (6v)1.50
 259-26275th Anniversary of the Boy Scout Movement (4v)1.10
 263-267Christmas. Seasonal Activities (5v)1.40
1983268-272Centenary of the Boys' Brigade (5v)1.40
 273-276Europa: Development of St. Peter Port Harbour (4v) 1.00
 277-281Centenary of Renoir's Visit to Guernsey (5v) 1.65
 282-286Guernsey Shipping I: Star of the West (5v) 1.65
1984287-291Birth Centenary of Sibyl Hathaway, Dame of Sark (5v)1.55
 292-293Europa: 25th Anniversary of C.E.P.T. (2v) 0.55
 294-295Links with the Commonwealth (2v) 0.70
1984-91296-315Definitive issue - Island Views (25v)8.50
 316-327Christmas. 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' (Sheetlet of 12v)1.35
 328-331150th Death Anniversary of Sir John Doyle (4v) 1.80
1985332-336Fishes (5v)2.10
 33740th Anniversary of Peace in Europe (1v)0.45
 338-339International Youth Year (2v)0.80
 340-341Europa: European Music Year (2v)0.80
 34275th Anniversary of the Girl Guide Movement (1v)0.75
 343-354Christmas. Gift-bearers (Sheetlet of 12v)2.00
 355-359Paintings by Paul Jacob Naftel (5v)2.00
1986360-364150th Death Anniversary of Admiral Lord De Saumarez (5v)2.30
 36560th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (1v)1.10
 366-368Europa: Nature and Environmental Protection (3v)0.85
 369-370Royal Wedding. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (2v)1.00
 371-376Sport in Guernsey (6v)2.20
 377-380Centenary of Guernsey Museums (4v)1.95
 381-392Christmas. Carols (Sheetlet of 12v)1.50
1987MS393Bicentenary of the Duke of Richmond's Survey of Guernsey (4v in sheet)2.00
 394-397Europa: Modern Architecture (4v)1.40
 398/a-399/aCoil stamps. Smaller versions of Island Views definitives (4v)1.70
 400-403350th Birth Anniverary of Sir Edmund Andros (4v)1.80
 404-409900th Death Anniversary of William the Conqueror (6v)2.10
 410-414Bicentenary of John Wesley's Visit to Guernsey (5v)2.10
1988415-419Guernsey Shipping II: Golden Spur (5v)2.10
 420-423Europa: Transport and Communications (4v)1.30
 424-428Birth Bicentenary of Frederick Corbin Lukis (5v)2.10
 429-432World Offshore Powerboat Championships (4v)2.10
 433-438Bicentenary of Joshua Gosselin's Flora Sarniensis (6v)2.10
 439-450Christmas. Ecclesiastical Links (Sheetlet of 12v)1.80
1989451-453Europa: Children's Toys and Games (3v)0.80
 454-455Coil stamps. Outline map of Guernsey - no value indicated (2v)0.80
 456-46150th Anniversary of Guernsey Airport (6v)2.05
 462Royal Visit (1v)0.50
 463-467Centenary of GWR Steamer Service to the Channel Islands (5v)2.00
 MS468Centenary of GWR Steamer Service to the Channel Islands (5v in sheet)2.20
 469-47310th Anniversary of Guernsey Zoological Trust (5v)2.40
 474-485Christmas. Christmas Tree Decorations (Sheetlet of 12v)2.00
1990486-489Europa: Post Office Buildings (4v)1.45
 490-494150th Anniversary of the Penny Black (5v)2.25
 MS495150th Anniversary of the Penny Black (5v in sheet)2.30
 MS495- ditto - (overprinted for New Zealand 1990 Stamp Exhibition)11.00
 496-500250th Anniversary of Anson's Circumnavigation (5v)2.20
 501-504Marine Life (4v)2.00
 505-516Christmas. Winter Birds (Sheetlet of 12v)2.20
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