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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GUERNSEY (1991 to 2000)
1991517-51950th Anniversary of the First Guernsey Stamps (3v)2.40
 520-523Europa: Europe in Space (4v)1.50
 524-528Centenary of Guernsey Yacht Club (5v)2.10
 MS529Centenary of Guernsey Yacht Club (5v in sheet)2.40
 530-539Nature Conservation. L'Eree Shingle Bank Reserve (10v)2.90
 540-551Christmas. Children's Paintings (Sheetlet of 12v) 2.40
1992552-55540th Anniv. of Queen Elizabeth's Accession to the Throne (4v)2.00
 556-559Europa: 500th Anniv. of Columbus' Discovery of America (4v)2.25
 MS560Europa: 500th Anniv. of the Discovery of America (4v in sheet)3.20
 MS560- ditto - (overprinted for World Columbian Stamp Expo '92)3.60
 MS561150th Anniversary of the Royal Guernsey Agricultural & Horticultural Society (1v in sheet)1.35
1992-97562-582aDefinitive issue - Horticultural Exports (24v)14.00
 583-587Operation Asterix - Ship Excavation (5v)2.30
 583aOperation Asterix - Ship Excavation (booklet pane - 5v)2.40
 588-592Guernsey Trams (5v)2.40
 593-604Christmas. Seasonal Fayre (Sheetlet of 12v)2.60
1993605Rupert Bear (children's story character) & Friends (1v)0.50
 MS606Rupert Bear and Friends (8v in sheet) 2.60
 607-610Europa: Contemporary Art (4v) 1.60
 611-615350th Anniversary of the Siege of Castle Cornet (5v) 2.20
 MS616350th Anniversary of the Siege of Castle Cornet (5v in sheet) 2.40
 617-621Birth Bicentenary of Thomas de la Rue (5v)2.20
 622-633Christmas. Stained Glass Windows (Sheetlet of 12v)2.50
1994634-637Europa: Archaeological Discoveries (4v)1.65
 635Europa sheetlet of 10v overprinted for Hong Kong '94 Stamp Exhibition (in folder) 5.00
 MS63850th Anniversary of D-Day (1v in sheet)3.50
 639-643Centenary of the First Car in Guernsey (5v) 2.65
 MS644Philakorea '94 International Stamp Exhibition, Seoul (1v in sheet)1.70
 645-64925th Anniversary of Guernsey Postal Administration (5v)2.85
 MS65025th Anniversary of Guernsey Postal Administration (5v in sheet)2.95
 651-662Christmas. Bygone Toys (2 Sheetlets of 6v each)3.60
1995663-670Greetings stamps - The Welcoming Face of Guernsey (8v)3.00
 MS671Greetings stamps - The Welcoming Face of Guernsey (8v in sheet)3.10
 672-67650th Anniversary of the Liberation (5v)2.90
 MS67750th Anniversary of the Liberation (5v in sheet)2.95
 678-679Europa: Peace and Freedom (2v)0.90
 680Royal Visit (1v)2.40
 MS681Singapore '95 International Stamp Exhibition (1v in sheet)1.70
 682-68550th Anniversary of the United Nations (4v)3.15
 686-693Christmas. 50th Anniversary of U.N.I.C.E.F. (8v)2.40
1996694-695Europa: Famous Women (2v)0.90
 696-703European Football Championship (8v)3.60
 MS704Capex '96 International Stamp Exhibition, Toronto (2v in sheet)2.00
 705-709Centenary of the Modern Olympic Games (5v)3.15
 MS710Centenary of the Modern Olympic Games (5v in sheet)3.25
 711-715Centenary of the Cinema. Screen Detectives (5v)2.80
 716-729Christmas. Advent (14v including sheetlet of 12v)3.30
1997730-733Endangered Species. Butterflies and Moths (4v)1.70
 MS734Endangered Species. Butterflies and Moths (1v in sheet)1.65
 735-736Europa: Tales and Legends (2v)1.00
 737-739Guernsey Scenes - self adhesive booklet stamps (3v)1.10
 MS740Pacific '97 World Philatelic Exhibition, San Francisco (2v in sheet)2.10
 741-746Methods of Communication (6v)3.20
 747-752Christmas. Teddy Bears (6v)3.25
 MS753Christmas. Teddy Bears (6v in sheet)3.30
 754-759Queen's Golden Wedding Anniversary (6v)3.25
1998760-769The Millennium Tapestries Project (10v)3.80
 770-773Self-adhesive stamps - no value indicated (4v)1.40
 774-779Century of Military Aviation (6v)3.30
 MS780Football miniature sheet (2v in sheet)3.20
 781-784Europa: Festivals (4v)1.65
1999785-794 & 797-800Maritime definitives 1p-10p & 40p-£1 (14v)4.70
2000795,796 & 801Maritime definitives 20p, 30p & £3 (3v)4.90
2005802High Value definitive £4 - Queen Mary 2 (1v)5.50
 803High Value definitive £5 - H.M.Y. Britannia (1v)10.50
 810-815Christmas 1998. The Christmas Tree (6v)3.45
 MS816Christmas 1998. The Christmas Tree (6v in sheet)3.85
1999817-826Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother (10v)3.90
 827-832175th Anniversary of Royal National Lifeboat Institution (6v)3.45
 833-836Europa: Herm Island (4v)1.75
 MS837Royal Wedding - Prince Edward & Sophie Rhys-Jones (1v in sheet)1.65
 838-843200th Anniversary of Sandhurst Military Academy (6v)3.50
 844-849Christmas 1999. Nativity Scenes hand-carved in wood (6v)3.45
 MS850Christmas 1999. Nativity Scenes hand-carved in wood (6v in sheet)4.05
2000851-856Stampin' the Future (6v)3.50
 857-862The 60th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain (6v)3.60
 863-866Europa 2000 (4v)2.30
 867-876A Botanist's Sketchbook (10v)4.10
 877-882Christmas 2000. Winter Scenes (6v)3.60
 MS883Christmas 2000. Winter Scenes (6v in sheet)3.95
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