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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GREAT BRITAIN (Commemoratives 2004 to date)
Date issued 
20042417-2422Classic Locomotives (6v)13 Jan 043.90
 MS2423Classic Locomotives (6v in m/s)13 Jan 0411.50
 2424-2428Occasions stamps 2004 (5v)3 Feb 043.75
 2429-2438The Lord of the Rings (10v)26 Feb 047.40
 2439-2444A British Journey: Northern Ireland (6v)16 Mar 044.25
 2445A British Journey: Northern Ireland (2v plus 4 definitives - self-adhesive booklet)16 Mar 046.80
 2445A British Journey: Northern Ireland (1v ex self-adhesive booklet)16 Mar 042.30
 2446-2447Entente Cordiale centenary (2v)6 Apr 041.40
 2448-2453Ocean Liners (6v)13 Apr 044.35
 MS2454Ocean Liners (6v in miniature sheet)13 Apr 045.15
 2455Ocean Liners (2v plus 4 definitives - self-adhesive booklet)13 Apr 046.80
 2455Ocean Liners (1v ex self-adhesive booklet)13 Apr 042.30
 2456-2461Royal Horticultural Society (6v)25 May 044.25
 MS2462Royal Horticultural Society (6v in miniature sheet)25 May 044.40
 2463-2465"Flowers" stamps from Royal Horticultural Society Book (3v) 2 bands, left & centre25 May 043.80
 2463-2465Complete pane of 4 "Flowers" stamps from Royal Horticultural Society Book25 May 044.35
 2466-2471A British Journey: Wales (6v)15 Jun 043.70
 2472A British Journey: Wales (2v plus 4 definitives - self-adhesive booklet)15 Jun 048.20
 2472A British Journey: Wales (1v ex self-adhesive booklet)15 Jun 042.60
 2473-2478Royal Society of Arts; 250th Anniversary (6v)10 Aug 043.95
 2479-2488Woodland Animals (10v)16 Sep 047.50
 MSS 132The Scottish Parliament (5v in miniature sheet)5 Oct 043.00
 2489-2494The Crimean War (6v)12 Oct 044.65
 2495-2500Christmas. Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas (6v self-adhesive)2 Nov 044.65
 MS2501Christmas. Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas (6v in miniature sheet)2 Nov 044.80
20052502-2511Farm Animals (10v)11 Jan 057.50
 2512--2517A British Journey: South West England (6v)8 Feb 053.85
 2518-2523Jane Eyre (6v)24 Feb 054.65
 MS2524Jane Eyre (6v in miniature sheet)24 Feb 055.65
 DX34The Bronte Sisters Prestige Book24 Feb 0512.45
 2525-2529Centenary of the Magic Circle (5v)15 Mar 054.10
 MS253050th Anniversary of the Castles high values (4v in miniature sheet)22 Mar 054.50
 MS2531Royal Wedding - H.R.H. Prince Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles (4v in miniature sheet)9 Apr 052.60
 2532-2539World Heritage Sites (8v)21 Apr 055.60
 2540-2545Trooping of the Colour (6v)7 Jun 054.90
 MS2546Trooping of the Colour (6v in miniature sheet)7 Jun 055.00
 MS254760th Anniversary of the End of WWII (6v in miniature sheet)5 Jul 054.35
 2548-2553Motorcycles (6v)19 Jul 053.95
 MS2554Olympics ~ London 2012 - Host City (6v in miniature sheet)5 Aug 054.35
 2555-2560Changing Tastes in Britain & Europa (6v)23 Aug 054.10
 2561-2566Classic ITV (6v)15 Sep 054.20
 2567-2572"Smilers" booklet stamps (6v) These pictorial self-adhesive stamps are 20.5mm x 24.5mm4 Oct 054.50
 MS2573England's "Ashes" Cricket Victory (4v in miniature sheet)6 Oct 053.10
 2574-2579Trafalgar (6v)18 Oct 054.25
 MS2580Trafalgar (6v in miniature sheet)18 Oct 054.30
 DX35Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar Prestige Book18 Oct 0512.45
 2581White Ensign (ex Trafalgar Prestige book) Design as SG2208 18 Oct 050.95
 2582-2587Christmas 2005 (6v self-adhesive)1 Nov 054.90
 MS2588Christmas 2005 (6v in miniature sheet)1 Nov 054.95
20062589-2596Animal Tales (8v)10 Jan 065.50
2597-2606A British Journey: England (10v)7 Feb 067.50
2607-2612Birth Bicentenary of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (6v)23 Feb 064.05
MS2613Birth Bicentenary of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (6v in miniature sheet)23 Feb 064.10
 DX36Birth Bicentenary of Isambard Kingdom Brunel Prestige Book21 Feb 0613.50
2614Birth Bicentenary of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (ex Brunel Prestige book)23 Feb 062.55
2615-2619Ice Age Animals (5v)21 Mar 064.45
2620-2627The Queen's 80th Birthday (8v)11 Apr 065.65
2628-2633World Cup Winners (6v)6 Jun 064.35
2634-2639Modern Architecture (6v)20 Jun 064.35
2640-2649150th Anniversary of the National Portrait Gallery (10v)18 Jul 067.50
2650-2653"Pricing in Proportion" 2nd & 1st class stamps (4v) small & large size1 Aug 064.00
2654-2655"Pricing in Proportion" 2nd & 1st class stamps - self-adhesive (2v) small size12 Sep 061.50
2656-2657"Pricing in Proportion" 2nd & 1st class stamps - self-adhesive (2v) large size15 Aug 062.05
MS265870th Anniversary of the Year of the Three Kings (1v in miniature sheet)31 Aug 064.50
2659-2664150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross (6v)21 Sep 064.90
MS2665150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross (6v in miniature sheet)21 Sep 065.15
 DX37150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross Prestige Book21 Sep 0614.30
2666150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross (ex Victoria Cross Prestige book)21 Sep 061.45
2667-2671Europa. Integration - Sounds of Britain (5v)3 Oct 064.50
2672-2677"Smilers" booklet stamps II - self-adhesive (6v)17 Oct 064.50
2678-2683Christmas 2006 - self-adhesive (6v)7 Nov 065.55
MS2684Christmas 2006 (6v in miniature sheet)7 Nov 065.60
2679Christmas ~ 1st Santa with matrix intact (9 [3x3] - £7.20, 4 [2x2] - £3.20 or 2 vert or horiz)7 Nov 061.60
MS2685"Lest We Forget" 90th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme (5v in miniature sheet)9 Nov 064.50
20072686-2691The Beatles - self-adhesive (6v)9 Jan 075.05
MS2692The Beatles (4v in miniature sheet)9 Jan 072.90
2693"Smilers" booklet stamp - self-adhesive (1v from booklet with 5 1st class definitives)16 Jan 072.40
2699-2708Sea Life (10v)1 Feb 077.50
2709-271450th Anniversary of "The Sky at Night" - self-adhesive (6v)9 Jan 074.70
 2715-2720World of Invention - self-adhesive perf 14½ x 14 (6v)1 Mar 075.20
 DX38World of Invention Prestige Book1 Mar 0716.30
 2721-2726World of Invention - ex Prestige Book (6v)1 Mar 078.50
MS2727World of Invention (6v in miniature sheet)1 Mar 078.50
2728-2733The Abolition of the Slave Trade (6v)22 Mar 074.70
2734-2739"Beside the Seaside" (6v)15 May 074.80
MS2740New Wembley Stadium (5v in miniature sheet)17 May 073.80
2741-274240th Anniversary of the First Machin Definitives (2v)5 Jun 072.40
MS274340th Anniversary of the First Machin Definitives (4v in miniature sheet)5 Jun 074.30
 DX39The Making of a Masterpiece - Machin Prestige Book5 Jun 0715.85
2744-274950th Anniversary of the British Grand Prix, Silverstone (6v)3 Jul 075.05
2750-2756Harry Potter (7v)17 Jul 075.05
MS2757Harry Potter (5v in m/s)17 Jul 073.60
2758-2763100 Years of Scouting (6v)26 Jul 074.80
2764-2773Action for Species ~ 1st series - Birds (10v)4 Sep 077.20
2774-2779Military Uniforms ~ 1st series - British Army Uniforms (6v)20 Sep 075.15
DX40British Army Uniforms - Prestige book20 Sep 0713.60
2780-2785Royal Diamond Wedding Anniversary (6v)16 Oct 075.05
MS2786Royal Diamond Wedding Anniversary (4v in miniature sheet)16 Oct 073.35
2787-2794Christmas ~ Madonna (2 x self-adhesive) & Angels (8v)6 Nov 077.00
MS2795Christmas ~ Angels (6v in miniature sheet)6 Nov 075.70
2790Christmas ~ 1st Angels with matrix intact (9 [3x3] - £7.20, 4 [2x2] - £3.20 or 2 vert or horiz)6 Nov 071.60
MS2796Lest We Forget (5v in m/s)8 Nov 075.15
See "Future issues" for stamps issued after 2007
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