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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GREAT BRITAIN (Commemoratives 1924 to 1964)
1924430-431British Empire Exhibition, Wembley (2v) 16.20
1925432-433British Empire Exhibition, Wembley (2v) 45.60
1929434-437Ninth U.P.U. Congress ½d-2½d (4v) 18.00
 438Ninth U.P.U. Congress £1 (1v) 865.00
1935453-456Silver Jubilee (4v) 6.00
1937461Coronation of King George VI (1v)0.20
1940479-484Centenary of First Postage Stamps (6v)4.50
1946491-492Victory (2v)0.30
1948493-494Royal Silver Wedding (2v)21.60
 C1-C2Third Anniversary of Channel Islands Liberation (2v)0.20
 495-498Olympic Games (4v)6.00
1949499-50275th Anniversary of the U.P.U. (4v)0.80
1951513-514Festival of Britain (2v)0.30
1953532-535Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (4v)10.20
1957557-559World Scout Jubilee Jamboree (3v)4.20
 56046th Inter-Parliamentary Congress (1v)0.50
1958567-5696th British Empire Games (3v)1.50
1960619-620Anniversary of General Letter Office (2v)1.95
 621-622European P&T Conference (2v)7.10
1961623-625Centenary of Post Office Savings Bank (3v)1.15
 626-628C.E.P.T. Conference, Torquay (3v)0.20
 629-630Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (2v)1.15
1962631-633National Productivity Year (3v)1.20
 631p-633pNational Productivity Year (phosphor) (3v) 15.00
1963634-635Freedom from Hunger (2v)1.40
 634p-635pFreedom from Hunger (phosphor) (2v)15.00
 636Centenary of Paris Postal Conference (1v)0.25
 636pCentenary of Paris Postal Conference (phosphor) (1v)4.20
 637-638National Nature Week (2v)0.15
 637p-638pNational Nature Week (phosphor) (2v)1.75
 639-641Lifeboat Conference (3v)1.70
 639p-641pLifeboat Conference (phosphor) (3v)24.60
 642-644Red Cross Centenary Congress (3v)2.90
 642p-644pRed Cross Centenary Congress (phosphor) (3v)36.00
 645Opening of COMPAC (1v)1.40
 645pOpening of COMPAC (phosphor) (1v)8.30
1964646-650Shakespeare Festival (5v)2.20
 646p-649pShakespeare Festival (phosphor) (4v)6.30
 651-654Geographical Congress (4v)2.30
 651p-654pGeographical Congress (phosphor) (4v)15.00
 655-658Botanical Congress, Edinburgh (4v)2.10
 655p-658pBotanical Congress, Edinburgh (phosphor) (4v)15.00
 659-660Opening of Forth Road Bridge (2v)0.25
 659p-660pOpening of Forth Road Bridge (phosphor) (2v)2.70
Please see order page for conversion to other currencies

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