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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GREAT BRITAIN (Commemoratives 1965 to 1968)
1965661-662Churchill Commemoration (2v) 0.30
 661p-662pChurchill Commemoration (phosphor) (2v) 1.35
 663-664700th Anniv. of Parliament (2v) 0.60
 663p700th Anniv. of Parliament (phosphor) (1v) 0.50
 665-666Salvation Army Centenary (2v) 0.55
 665p-666pSalvation Army Centenary (phosphor) (2v) 1.30
 667-668Cent. of Lister’s Discovery (2v) 0.55
 667p-668pCent. of Lister’s Discovery (phosphor) (2v) 1.35
 669-670Commonwealth Arts Festival (2v) 0.55
 669p-670pCommonwealth Arts Festival (phosphor) (2v) 1.75
 671-678Anniversary of Battle of Britain (8v) 4.40
 671p-678pAnniversary of Battle of Britain (phosphor) (8v) 7.80
 679-680Opening of Post Office Tower (2v) 0.30
 679p-680pOpening of Post Office Tower (phosphor) (2v) 0.30
 681-682UNO & Co-operation Year (2v) 0.50
 681p-682pUNO & Co-operation Year (phosphor) (2v) 1.35
 683-684I.T.U. Centenary (2v) 0.60
 683p-684pI.T.U. Centenary (phosphor) (2v) 3.00
1966685-686Robert Burns Commemoration (2v) 0.35
 685p-686pRobert Burns Commem. (phosphor) (2v) 1.20
 687-688Anniversary of Westminster Abbey (2v) 0.50
 687pAnniv. of Westminster Abbey (phosphor) (1v) 0.10
 689-692Landscapes (4v) 0.45
 689p-692pLandscapes (phosphor) (4v) 0.50
 693-695World Cup Football (3v) 0.30
 693p-695pWorld Cup Football (phosphor) (3v) 0.30
 696-699British Birds (4v) 0.45
 696p-699pBritish Birds (phosphor) (4v) 0.40
 700World Cup England Winners (1v) 0.10
 701-704British Technology (4v) 0.40
 701p-704pBritish Technology (phosphor) (4v) 0.40
 705-712Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings (8v) 1.10
 705p-712pAnniversary of the Battle of Hastings (phosphor) (8v) 1.00
 713-714Christmas 1966 (2v) 0.10
 713p-714pChristmas 1966 (phosphor) (2v) 0.10
1967715-716European Free Trade Assn. (2v) 0.10
 715p-716pEuropean Free Trade Assn.(phos) (2v) 0.10
 717-722British Wild Flowers (6v) 0.60
 717p-722pBritish Wild Flowers (phos) (6v) 0.60
 748-750British Paintings (3v) 0.15
 751 Francis Chichester’s Voyage (1v) 0.10
 752-755Discovery & Invention (4v) 0.25
 756-758Christmas 1967 (3v) 0.10
1968763-766British Bridges (4v) 0.20
 767-770Anniversaries (4v) 0.20
 771-774British Paintings (4v) 0.20
 775-777Christmas 1968 (3v) 0.15
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