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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of JERSEY (2001 to date)
2001MS972Chinese New Year of the Snake (1v in miniature sheet)1.70
 973-978Maritime Links with France (6v)3.85
 979-984Naval Connections (6v)3.90
 985-989Cows and Farm Produce - self-adhesive (5v)2.45
 985-989Cows and Farm Produce - (self-adhesive - 2002 imprint) (5v)4.80
 985-989Cows and Farm Produce - (self-adhesive - 2003 imprint) (5v)3.15
 985-989Cows and Farm Produce - (self-adhesive - 2005 imprint) (5v)2.80
 990HM The Queen's 75th Birthday (1v)4.80
 991-996Europa 2001. Water ~ Nature's Treasure (6v)3.90
 MS997Jersey Nature ~ Pond Life (1v in miniature sheet)2.55
 MS998Jersey Nature ~ Pond Life (o/p for Jersey at Belgica 2001 exhibition)3.35
 999-1004Birds of Prey (6v)3.90
 MS1005Birds of Prey (1v in miniature sheet)2.55
 MS1006Jersey Clipper (1v in miniature sheet)2.65
 1007-1012Fire Engines (6v)3.90
 MS1013Hafnia 2001 Stamp Exhibition (MS1005 overprint)2.70
 1014-1023Christmas 2001 (self-adhesive - 2001 or 2002 imprint) (10v)5.30
 1014-1018Christmas 2001 (self-adhesive - 2003 imprint) (5v)2.55
20021024-1028Jersey States Vessels (5v)3.40
1029Royal Golden Jubilee (1v)4.95
MS1030Chinese New Year of the Horse (1v in miniature sheet)1.70
1031-1034Europa 2002 ~ The Circus (4v)2.60
1035-1039Jersey Golf II (5v)3.35
1040-1045Jersey Police Vehicles (6v)4.00
1046-1051Jersey Nature - Insects (6v)3.90
1052H.M. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 1900-2002 (1v)3.20
1053-1058Jersey Battle of Flowers Centenary (6v)3.85
MS1059Jersey Battle of Flowers Centenary (1v in miniature sheet)3.15
1060-1065Jersey Cats II (6v)3.85
MS1066Jersey Cats II (1v in miniature sheet)3.15
1067-1072Jersey Postal History ~ Letter Boxes (6v)3.85
MS1073Jersey Postal History ~ Letter Boxes (1v in miniature sheet)3.15
20031074-1079Jersey Aviation History VIII (6v)3.85
MS1080Jersey Aviation History VIII (1v in miniature sheet)3.15
MS1081Chinese New Year of the Ram (1v in miniature sheet)1.65
1082-1085Europa ~ Poster Art (4v)2.50
1086-1091Jersey Lighthouses II (6v)3.30
1092-1097Jersey Nature - Wild Orchids (6v)4.20
MS1098Jersey Nature - Wild Orchids (1v in miniature sheet)3.15
1099-110450th Anniversary of the Coronation (6v)4.20
MS110550th Anniversary of the Coronation (6v in miniature sheet)4.25
MS1106Royal Links - Prince William's 21st birthday (1v in miniature sheet)3.15
1107-1111Offshore Reefs self-adhesive stamps (5v)2.55
1180-1184Offshore Reefs self-adhesive stamps (2004 reprint 5v)2.70
1112-1116Jersey Pets (5v)3.40
MS1117Jersey Pets (1v in miniature sheet)3.20
MS1118Bangkok 2003 Stamp Exhibition (MS1098 overprinted)3.25
1119-1124Winter Flowers (6v)4.20
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