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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of JERSEY (2001 to date)
20041125-1130Jersey Festivals - Chess (6v)22 Jan4.15
MS1131Chinese New Year of the Monkey (1v in miniature sheet)22 Jan1.70
1132-1135Europa - Holidays (4v)9 Mar2.60
1136-1141Jersey Nature - Ducks & Swans (6v)6 Apr4.45
MS1142Jersey Nature - Ducks & Swans (1v in miniature sheet)6 Apr3.15
1143-1148Jersey Orchids V (6v)25 May4.75
MS1149Jersey Orchids V (1v in miniature sheet)25 May3.35
MS115060th Anniversary of D-Day (1v in miniature sheet)6 Jun3.35
1151-1156Jersey - A Peculiar of the Crown (6v - 3 x 2 se-tenant)25 Jun3.45
MS1157Jersey Orchids V Paris Exhibition overprint (1v in miniature sheet)26 Jun3.25
1158-1161Jersey - Rare Fauna II (4v)27 Jul3.00
MS1162Jersey - Rare Fauna II (8v [2 sets] in miniature sheet)27 Jul6.05
1163-1168Jersey Marine Life V - Corals (6v)28 Sep4.75
MS1169Jersey Marine Life V - Corals (3v in miniature sheet)28 Sep3.10
1170-1179Christmas Illuminations (10v self-adhesive) re-issued 2005 & 20062 Nov5.35
1180-1184Offshore Reefs - litho reprint (5v self-adhesive) re-issued 20063 Nov2.90
20051185-1189Rescue Craft (5v)18 Jan3.65
MS1190Chinese New Year of the Rooster (1v in miniature sheet)9 Feb1.70
1191-1194Europa - Gastronomy (4v)8 Mar2.85
1195-1199Favourite Fairy Tales (5v)2 Apr3.80
MS1200Favourite Fairy Tales (1v in miniature sheet)2 Apr3.35
MS1201Jersey Football II - Centenary of Jersey FA (1v in miniature sheet)27 Apr3.35
MS1202"Peace and Reconciliation" (1v in miniature sheet)9 May3.35
MS1203Favourite Fairy Tales (MS1200 with Nordia 2005 Exhibition overprint)26 May3.45
1204-1209Jersey Motor Festival - Classic Cars (6v)6 Jun4.70
1211>1232Wild Flowers definitive issue Part 1 (of 3) (8v)19 Jul4.20
MS1234aWild Flowers definitive issue Part 1 (of 3) (8v in miniature sheet) 2p, 4p, 20p, 30p, 40p, 50p, 65p & £119 Jul4.20
20061210>1231Wild Flowers definitive issue Part 2 (of 3) (8v)26 Sep 064.65
2006MS1234bWild Flowers definitive issue Part 2 (of 3) (8v in miniature sheet) 1p, 3p, 5p, 15p, 70p, 75p, 85p & 90p26 Sep 064.70
20071215>1233Wild Flowers definitive issue Part 3 (of 3) (8v)25 Jul 076.20
2007MS1234cWild Flowers definitive issue Part 3 (of 3) (8v in miniature sheet) 10p, 25p, 35p, 45p, 55p, 60p, 80p & £1.5025 Jul 076.25
1235-1239Coastal Towers (5v)9 Aug3.90
1240-1245Jersey Nature ~ Fungi II (6v)13 Sep4.70
MS1246Jersey Nature ~ Fungi II (1v in miniature sheet)13 Sep3.35
1247-1251Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar (5v)21 Oct3.80
MS1252Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar (1v in miniature sheet)21 Oct3.35
20061253-1257Royal Jersey Militia - 2nd series (5v)6 Jan3.80
MS1258150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross (1v in m/s)29 Jan3.35
MS1259Chinese New Year of the Dog (1v in m/s)29 Jan1.65
1260-1263Europa. Children's Stamp Design Competition (4v)7 Mar3.00
1264-1269Sea Shells (6v)4 Apr4.80
MS1270Sea Shells (1v in m/s)4 Apr3.35
1271First Wedding Anniversary of Prince Charles & Duchess of Cornwall (1v)9 Apr3.30
127280th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (1v)21 Apr8.15
MS127380th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (2v in m/s)21 Apr11.50
MS1274Jersey Football III - World Cup (1v in m/s)9 Jun3.35
1275-1278Island Views (4v)11 Jul2.40
1279-1284Butterflies & Moths (6v)1 Aug4.60
MS1285Butterflies & Moths (3v in m/s)1 Aug2.85
1286-1291Jersey Postal Vehicles - 2nd series (6v) 31 Oct4.60
MS1292Jersey Postal Vehicles - 2nd series (3v in m/s) 31 Oct2.85
MS1293Belgica '06 I.S.E. Brussels - Sea Shells m/s overprinted 16 Nov3.55
20071294-1298Jersey Mineralogy (5v)23 Jan3.25
MS1299Chinese New Year of the Pig (1v in m/s)18 Feb1.35
1300-1303Europa. Centenary of Scouting (4v)6 Mar2.55
1304-1309Countryside Animals (6v)10 Apr4.00
MS1310Countryside Animals (3v in m/s)10 Apr2.50
1311-1316Jersey Birdlife ~ Garden Birds (6v)19 Jun4.00
MS1317Jersey Birdlife ~ Garden Birds (3v in m/s)19 Jun2.50
MS1318Jersey Birdlife ~ Garden Birds (6v in m/s)19 Jun4.05
MS1319Yachting II - Gorey Regatta (1v in m/s)22 Jun2.70
1320-1325Summer Flowers (6v)25 Jul4.00
1326-133160th Anniversary of Jersey International Air Display (6v)13 Sep4.00
MS1332Red Arrows (1v in m/s)13 Sep3.40
1333-1338Jersey Scenery - 1st series (6v)1 Oct4.00
1339-1338Christmas Carols (10v)7 Nov5.00
1339Diamond Wedding Anniversary of the Queen & the Duke of Edinburgh (1v)20 Nov4.05
See "Future issues" for stamps issued after 2007
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