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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of JERSEY (1941 to 1980)
1941-421-2German Occupation issue on white paper, no watermark. ½d & 1d7.20
19433-8Pictorial issue designed by Edmund Blampied (6v)18.00
Note: There are various printings of SG1-7 which I can provide on request. Mounted mint sets are available at a discount of about 25%. Please ask me.
1958-669-11Regional issue, wmk Multiple Crowns. 2½d, 3d & 4d0.60
196710p-11pRegional issue, wmk Multiple Crowns. 3d & 4d with phosphor bands0.25
1968-6912-14Regional issue, no wmk. 2 x 4d (in 2 different colours) & 5d0.40
1969-7015-29Definitive issue - Independent Postal Administration (15v) 14.00
196930-33Inauguration of Post Office (4v)0.60
197034-3725th Anniversary of Liberation (4v)1.30
 38-41Battle of Flowers parade(4v)4.00
1970-7442-56Definitive issue - Decimal currency (18v)2.20
197157-60Wildlife Preservation Trust I (4v)4.30
 61-64 50th Anniversary of the Royal British Legion (4v) 1.60
 65-68Paintings (4v) 1.60
197269-72Wild Flowers of Jersey (4v) 1.70
 73-76Wildlife Preservation Trust II (4v)1.50
 77-80Royal Jersey Militia (4v) 0.50
 81-84Royal Silver Wedding (4v) 0.50
197385-88Centenary of La Société Jersiaise (4v)0.40
 89-92Jersey Aviation History (4v)0.45
 93-96Centenary of the Jersey Eastern Railway (4v) 0.45
 97-98Royal Wedding. Princess Anne & Mark Phillips (2v)0.40
 99-102Marine Life (4v)0.50
1974103-106Spring Flowers (4v)0.35
 107-110Centenary of the Universal Postal Union (4v)0.45
 111-114Anniversaries (4v)0.50
 115-118Marine Paintings by Peter Monamy (4v)0.60
1975119-122Nineteenth Century Farming (4v)0.40
 123Royal Visit (1v)0.30
 124-127Jersey Tourism (4v)0.45
 MS128Jersey Tourism (4v in sheet)0.60
 129-132Sea Birds (4v)0.55
 133-13650th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force Association (4v)0.55
1976-77137-155Definitive issue - Parish Arms and Views & Queen's Portrait (19v)6.50
1976160-163Bicentennial: Links with America (4v)0.50
 164-167Birth Centenary of Dr. Lilian Grandin (4v)0.50
1977168-170Silver Jubilee (3v)0.45
 171-174Centenary of Currency Reform (4v)0.45
 175-178Centenary of the St. John Ambulance (4v)0.45
 179-182125th Anniversary of Victoria College (4v)0.50
1978183-186Centenary of the Royal Jersey Golf Club (4v)0.45
 187-189Europa: Fortifications (3v)0.40
 190-194Links with Canada (5v)0.60
 195-19625th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (2v)0.45
 197-201Bicentenary of the Government Mail Packet Service with England (5v)0.60
1979202-203World Jersey Cattle Bureau Conference (2v)0.40
 204-207Europa: Communications (4v)0.50
 208-21225th Anniversary of the International Air Rally (5v)0.60
 213-216International Year of the Child. Paintings by Millais (4v)0.65
 217-221Wildlife Preservation Trust III (5v)0.65
1980222-225Fortresses. Drawings by Thomas Phillips (4v)0.70
 226-229Europa: Personalities - Links with Britain (4v)0.55
 230-232Centenary of the Jersey Royal Potato (3v)0.45
 233-23760th Anniversary of the Jersey Motorcycle & Light Car Club (5v)0.70
 238-243Operation Drake & 150th Anniv. of the Royal Geographical Soc. (6v)0.90
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