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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of JERSEY (1981 to 1990)
1981244-247Bicentenary of the Battle of Jersey (4v)0.70
 MS248Bicentenary of the Battle of Jersey (4v in sheet)0.75
1981-88249-273Definitive issue - Arms of Jersey Families (28v)8.50
1983274Definitive issue - Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (£5 face value)6.10
 275-278Europa: Folklore (4v)0.70
 279-283150th Anniversary of Gas Lighting in Jersey (5v)0.95
 284-285Royal Wedding - Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer (2v)0.60
 286-288Christmas (3v)0.40
1982289-292Europa: Historic Events (4v)0.75
 293-298Links with France (6v)0.90
 299-303Youth Organisations (5v)1.40
1983304-309Jersey Adventurers I - 250th Birth Anniversary of Philippe de Carteret (6v)1.50
 310-313Europa: Government of Jersey (4v)0.80
 314-318World Communications Year (5v)1.40
 319General Assembley of the A.I.P.L.F (French-Speaking Parliaments) (1v)0.30
 320-32350th Death Anniversary of Walter Ouless (artist) (4v)1.00
1984324-329Wildlife Preservation Trust IV (6v)1.65
 330-332Europa: 25th Anniversary of C.E.P.T. (3v)0.55
 MS333Links with the Commonwealth (1v in sheet)1.20
 334-339Centenary of the Jersey R.N.L.I. Lifeboat Station (6v)1.30
 340-34340th Anniversary of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (4v)1.30
 344-349Links with Australia. Paintings by John Alexander Gilfillan (6v)1.90
 350-351Christmas. Jersey Orchids I (2v)0.40
1985352-356Death Centenary of Philip John Ouless (artist) (5v)1.80
 357-359Europa: European Music Year (3v)0.85
 360-364International Youth Year (5v)1.60
 365-369Jersey Western Railway (5v)1.50
 370-375300th Anniversary of Huguenot Immigration (6v)1.40
 376-379Commemoration of Thomas Davis (philanthropist) (4v)1.30
1986380-381Jersey Lilies (2v)0.65
 MS382Jersey Lilies (5v in sheet)1.35
 383-385Appearance of Halley's Comet (3v)1.00
 386-388Europa: Environmental Conservation (3v)0.85
 389Queen's 60th Birthday (1v)1.50
 390-39450th Anniversary of the National Trust for Jersey (5v)1.50
 395-396Royal Wedding. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (2v)0.80
 397-401Birth Centenary of Edmund Blampied (5v)1.80
 402-404Christmas. International Year of Peace (3v)0.80
1987405-408Racing Schooner Westward (4v)1.35
 409-41350th Anniversary of Jersey Airport (5v)1.60
 414-416Europa: Modern Architecture (3v)1.00
 417-421Jersey Adventurers II - Philippe D'Auvergne (5v)1.70
 422-427900th Death Anniversary of William the Conqueror (6v)2.00
 428-432Christmas. Paintings by John le Capelain (5v)1.70
1988433-437Jersey Orchids II (5v)1.90
 438-442Centenary of Jersey Dog Club (5v)1.90
 443-446Europa: Transport and Communications (4v)1.35
 447-451Wildlife Preservation Trust V (5v)2.15
 452-457Operation Raleigh (6v)2.10
 458-461Christmas. Jersey Parish Churches I (4v)1.40
1989462-467Vintage Cars I (6v)2.15
1989-90468-491Definitive issue - Jersey Scenes (24v)8.00
1991491bDefinitive issue - Queen's Portrait £2 face value2.80
1995491cDefinitive issue - Arms of King George VI £4 face value5.50
 492-495Endangered Jersey Fauna (4v)1.25
 496-499Europa: Children's Toys and Games (4v)1.10
 500Royal Visit (1v)1.50
 501-506Bicentenary of the French Revolution. Philippe D'Auvergne (6v)2.20
 507-511Centenary of the G.W.R. Steamer Service to the Channel Islands (5v)2.00
 512-516150th Birth Anniversary of Sarah Louisa Kilpack (artist) (5v)1.80
1990517-520Europa: Post Office Buildings (4v)1.35
 521-524Festival of Tourism (4v)1.55
 MS525Festival of Tourism (4v in sheet)1.75
 526-529International Literacy Year. Jersey News Media (4v)1.55
 530-53450th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain (5v)1.90
 535-538Christmas. Jersey Parish Churches II (4v)1.55
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