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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of the ISLE of MAN (1958 to 1980)
1958-681-3Regional issue 2½d, 3d & 4d (3v) Watermark Multiple Crowns1.20
 2aRegional issue 3d on chalk-surfaced paper (1v) watermarked5.00
 2p & 3pRegional issue 3d & 4d with phosphor bands (2v) watermarked0.15
1968-694-7Regional issue 3 x 4d (blue, olive & red) & 5d (4v) No watermark0.50
19718-11Regional decimal issue 2½p, 3p, 5p & 7½p (4v)1.20
1973-7512-33Definitive issue - Independent Postal Administration (22v)4.50
197317a3p Douglas Promenade (error - olive-bistre border - cat £150)65.00
18a3½p Port St. Mary (error - grey-brown border - cat £150)65.00
34Inauguration - Viking (1v) 0.30
 35-38Steam Railway Centenary (4v)0.60
 39-40Golden Jubilee of the Manx Grand Prix (2v)0.15
 41Royal Wedding. Princess Anne & Mark Phillips (1v)0.50
197442-45150th Anniversary of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (4v)0.55
 46-49Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races I (4v)0.55
 50-53Historical Anniversaries (4v)0.45
 54-57Birth Centenary of Sir Winston Churchill (4v)0.60
 MS58Birth Centenary of Sir Winston Churchill (4v in sheet)0.65
197559-62Manx Pioneers in Cleveland, Ohio (4v)0.50
 63-66Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races II (4v)0.50
 67-7050th Death Anniversary of Sir George Goldie (4v) 0.50
 71-74Christmas and the Bicentenary of the Manx Bible (4v) 0.50
197675-78Bicentenary of the American Revolution (4v) 0.70
 MS79Bicentenary of the American Revolution (4v in sheet) 0.80
 80-83Centenary of Douglas Horse Trams (4v)0.65
 84-89Europa: Ceramic Art (6v)0.70
 90-93Christmas and the Centenary of the Mothers' Union (4v)0.55
197794-96Queen's Silver Jubilee (3v)0.60
 97-98Europa: Landscapes (2v)0.30
 99-102Linked Anniversaries (4v) 0.60
 103-106Bicentenary of the First Visit of John Wesley (4v)0.60
1978107-110Royal Air Force Diamond Jubilee (4v)0.60
 111-123Definitive issue - various designs ½p - 16p perf. 14 (13v)2.70
 111a-123aDefinitive issue - various designs ½p - 16p perf. 14½ (12v)17.40
 124-127Definitive issue - various designs 20p - £1 (4v)3.20
1981128Definitive issue - Queen's portrait £2 (1v)2.85
 13225th Anniversary of the Coronation (1v)0.35
 133-138Europa: Sculpture (6v)0.65
 139-142Anniversaries and Events (4v)0.60
 143Christmas (1v)0.10
1979144-147Centenary of the Natural History & Antiquarian Society (4v)0.55
 148-149Europa: Communications (2v)0.30
 150-155Millennium of the Tynwald (Manx Parliament) (6v)0.70
1980150b&151Millennium of the Tynwald 3p Type II & 4p - 1980 imprint (2v)0.20
 156-157Royal Visit (2v)0.30
 158Voyage of Odin's Raven (1v)0.30
 159-162150th Death Anniversary of Captain John Quilliam (4v)0.60
 163-164Christmas and the International Year of the Child (2v)0.20
1980165-169150th Anniversary of the Royal Geographical Society (5v)0.75
 170-175150th Anniversary of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company (6v)0.90
 MS176150th Anniversary of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company (6v in sheet) also available fine used @ £1.051.05
 177-178Europa: Personalities - Thomas Edward Brown Commemoration (2v)0.30
 179Visit of King Olav V of Norway (1v)0.25
 MS180Visit of King Olav V of Norway (2v in sheet) also available fine used @ 50p0.50
 181-182Christmas and Wildlife Conservation Year (2v)0.25
 183-187Kermode Family in Tasmania Commemoration (5v)0.80
 188-189Falcon & Ram booklet stamps (2v)0.30
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