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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of the ISLE of MAN (1981 to 1990)
1981190-194Centenary of the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen (5v)1.00
 195-196Europa: Folklore (2v)0.45
 197-200150th Death Anniversary of Colonel Mark Wilks (4v)1.00
 201Centenary of Manx Women's Suffrage (1v)0.15
 202-203Royal Wedding. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (2v)0.50
 MS204Royal Wedding. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (4v in sheet)1.30
 205-20860th Anniversary of the Royal British Legion (4v)0.80
 209-210Christmas. Nativity (2v)0.30
1982211-21575th Anniversary of the Boy Scout Movement (5v)1.25
 216-217Europa: Historic Events (2v)0.40
 218-22275th Anniversary of the Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races (5v)1.30
 223-224150th Anniversary of the Steam Packet Company Mail Contract (2v)0.50
 225-226Christmas (2v)0.40
 MS22721st Birthday of the Princess of Wales & Birth of Prince William (1v in sheet)0.80
1983228-231Centenary of the Salvation Army in the Isle of Man (4v)1.05
232-247Definitive issue - Sea Birds (16v)7.25
1985248Definitive issue - Queen's Portrait (1v)6.50
 249-250Europa: The Great Laxey Wheel (2v)0.50
 251-254150th Anniversary of King William's College (4v)1.15
 255-256World Communications Year (2v)0.45
 257-258Christmas. Shepherds and Kings (2v)0.40
1984259-263The Karran Fleet (5v)1.60
 MS264The Karran Fleet & Links with the Falkland Islands (2v in sheet)1.10
 265-266Europa: 25th Anniversary of C.E.P.T. (2v)0.60
 267-271Aviation Anniversaries (5v)1.70
 272-273Christmas. Stained Glass Windows (2v)0.45
 274-278William Cain Commemoration (5v)1.90
 279-280Links with the Commonwealth (2v)0.75
1985281-28575th Anniversary of the Girl Guide Movement (5v)1.85
 286-289Europa: European Music Year (4v)1.20
 290-295Century of Motoring (6v)1.80
 296-299Centenary of the S.S.A.F.A (Armed Forces Families Association) (4v)1.50
 300-302Birth Bicentenary of Lieut-Gen Sir Mark Cubbon (3v)1.25
 303-305Christmas. Manx Churches (3v) 0.90
1986306-309Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh (4v)1.50
 310-314Centenary of the Manx Museum (5v)1.65
 315-316Manx Heritage Year booklet stamps - Viking ship & Celtic Cross (2v)0.45
 317-320Europa: Nature and Environment Protection (4v)1.30
 321-324Ameripex '86 Stamp Exhibition, Chicago (4v)1.45
 MS325Ameripex '86 Stamp Exhibition, Chicago (2v in sheet)1.15
 326-327Royal Wedding. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (2v)0.90
 328-330Royal Birthdays - Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip (3v)1.00
 331-333Christmas and International Peace Year (3v)0.90
1987334-339Victorian Douglas (6v)1.40
 340-343Paintings by John Miller Nicholson (4v) 1.50
 344-347Europa: Architecture (4v) 1.35
 348-35280th Anniversary of the Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races (5v) 1.95
 MS35380th Anniversary of the Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races (5v in sheet) 2.20
 354-357Wild Flowers (4v)1.80
 358-360Christmas. Victorian Scenes (3v)1.15
1988361-364Motor Sport (4v)1.70
1988-92365-380Definitive issue - Manx Tramways and Railways (20v)7.50
1990380aDefinitive issue - HM The Queen on horseback (1v)3.30
 381-384Europa: Transport and Communications (4v)1.40
 385-388Manx Sailing Ships (4v) 1.70
 MS389Manx Sailing Ships (2v in sheet) 0.90
 390-39550th Anniversary of the British Fuchsia Society (6v)2.50
 396-398Christmas. Manx Birds (3v)1.20
1989399-402Manx Cats (4v)1.80
 403-407125th Birth Anniversary of Archibald Knox (5v)1.80
 408-414Bicentenary of the Mutiny on the Bounty (7v)3.50
 MS415Bicentenary of the Mutiny on the Bounty (SG410-411 & SG414 in sheet)1.50
 416-419Europa: Children's Games (4v)1.25
 420-423Sea Birds (4v)0.85
 424-428125th Anniversary of the International Red Cross (5v)1.90
 429-432Christmas. Anniversaries (4v)1.60
1990433-437Isle of Man Edwardian Postcards (5v)2.45
 438-441Europa: Post Office Buildings (4v)1.45
 442-446150th Anniversary of the Penny Black (5v se-tenant)2.00
 442a150th Anniversary of the Penny Black set overprinted for NZ '909.60
 442b150th Anniversary of the Penny Black sheetlet of 25x1p stamps1.00
 MS447150th Anniversary of the Penny Black (1v in sheet)1.70
 44890th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1v)1.50
 449-45450th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain (6v)2.25
 455-45825th Death Anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill (4v)2.00
 459-462Christmas. Children in the Snow (4v)1.70
 MS463Christmas. Children in the Snow (4v in sheet)1.75
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