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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GREAT BRITAIN (Definitives 1967 to 1970)
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1967-1970 - Elizabeth II - Pre-decimal Machin design - No watermark - Phosphor bands
YearSGFace value/colourPrice £YearSGFace value/colourPrice £
1968723* ½d orange- brown (2b)0.071968736* 6d bright reddish purple (2b)0.13
724* 1d light olive (2b)0.07736Ea6d bright magenta (2b)8.15
 7251d yellowish olive (Cb)0.55 736Eb6d claret (2b)0.35
1969725Eg* 1d yellowish olive (Cb)*0.20 737* 7d bright emerald (2b)0.19
1968726* 2d lake-brown T1 (2b)0.07738* 8d bright vermilion (2b)0.10
1969727* 2d lake-brown T2 (2b)0.111969739* 8d light turquoise-blue (2b)0.35
 728* 2d lake-brown T2 (Cb)0.351967740* 9d myrtle-green (2b)*0.19
1967729* 3d violet (Cb)*0.071968740Ev9d myrtle-green (2b)0.35
1968729Ev3d violet (Cb)0.07741* 10d drab (2b)0.30
 730* 3d violet (2b)0.151967742* 1/- light bluish violet (2b)*0.16
1967731* 4d deep sepia (2b)*0.15742Ea1/- pale bluish violet (2b)*n/a
731Ea4d deep olive-brown (2b)*n/a1968742Ev1/- pale bluish violet (2b)0.35
1968731Ev4d deep sepia (2b)0.071967743* 1/6d greenish & deep blue (2b)*0.35
 732* 4d deep olive-brown (Cb)0.071968743Ev1/6d greenish & deep blue (2b)0.50
1969733* 4d bright vermilion (Cb)0.07743Evb1/6d Prussian blue & indigo (2b)1.10
733Eg4d bright vermilion (Cb)*0.151969743c* 1/6d Prussian blue& indigo (pp)0.50
 734* 4d bright vermilion (Lb)0.851967744* 1/9d dull orange & black (2b)*0.50
734Eb* 4d bright vermilion (Rb)1.65744Ea1/9d bright orange & black (2b)*1.30
 1968735* 5d royal blue (2b)0.071970744Ev1/9d bright orange & black (2b)1.00
 735Ee5d deep blue (2b)0.07 * Set of 24 values£5.20
SG743c (pp) = phosphorised paper* Gum Arabic adhesiven/a = not currently available
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to 1971 machins

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