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Peter's Stamps

Price list for the stamps of GREAT BRITAIN (Definitives 1971 to 1996)
Click on the to see stamp illustrations (see foot of page)
Glossary for phosphor & phosphor-banded stamps:

(aop) = all over phosphor, u/p = printing on gummed side, (1b) = 1 band, (Cb) = centre band, (Lb) = left band, (Rb) = right band, (2b) = 2 bands, (pp) = phosphorised paper

a) Photogravure by Harrison with phosphor bands - Perforations 15 x 14 (GA = gum arabic)
SGFace value/colourPrice £SGFace value/colourPrice £
X841½p turquoise-blue (2b) (GA 0.18)0.03X886b10p orange-brown TII (2b)10.50
X842½p turquoise-blue (Lb) [trimmed perfs £6.50]33.60X88710p orange-brown TI (aop)0.20
X843½p turquoise-blue (Cb)0.18X88810p orange-brown TI (Cb)0.17
X8441p crimson (2b) (GA 0.36)0.03X88910p orange-brown TI (Rb)0.45
X8451p crimson (Cb)0.06X889Ea10p orange-brown TI (Lb)0.25
X8461p crimson (aop)0.10X89010½p yellow (2b)0.25
X8471p crimson (Lb)0.90X89110½p deep dull blue (2b)0.30
X847Ea1p crimson (Rb)1.50X89211p brown-red (2b)0.25
X8481½p black (2b)0.05X89311½p drab (Cb)0.20
X8492p myrtle-green (2b) (GA 1.50)0.04X89411½p drab (Rb)0.25
X8502p myrtle-green (aop) 0.10X894Ea11½p drab (Lb)0.25
X8512½p magenta (Cb) (GA 0.12)0.06X89512p yellowish green (2b)0.20
X8522½p magenta (Lb)0.40X89612p bright emerald (Cb)0.20
X852Ea2½p magenta (Rb)0.40X896Eu12p bright emerald (Cb) u/p T40.25
X8532½p magenta (2b)0.18X89712p bright emerald (Rb)0.20
X8542½p rose-red (2b)0.18X897Ea12p bright emerald (Lb)0.20
X8553p ultramarine (2b) (GA 0.18)0.06X89812½p light emerald (Cb)0.20
X8563p ultramarine (Cb) (GA 0.18)0.10X898Eu12½p light emerald (Cb) u/p T10.25
X8573p bright magenta TI (2b)0.10X898Eua12½p light emerald (Cb) u/p T20.25
X8583½p olive-grey (2b) (bronze 0.45)0.10X89912½p light emerald (Rb)0.20
X8593½p olive-grey (Cb)0.13X899Ea12½p light emerald (Lb)0.20
X8603½p purple-brown (Cb)0.70X90013p pale chestnut (Cb)0.25
X8614p ochre-brown(2b) (GA 0.30)0.10X900Eu13p pale chestnut (Cb) u/p T20.30
X8624p greenish blue (2b)0.55X90113p pale chestnut (Rb)0.20
X8634p greenish blue (Cb)0.55X901Ea13p pale chestnut (Lb)0.20
X8644p greenish blue (Rb)1.20X90214p grey-blue (2b)0.30
X864Ea4p greenish blue (Lb)0.50X90314p deep blue (Cb)0.20
X8654½p grey-blue (2b)0.12X90414p deep blue (Rb)3.60
X8665p pale violet (2b)0.10X90515p bright blue (Cb)0.35
X8675p claret (Cb)1.10X90615p bright blue (Lb)2.60
X8685½p violet (2b)0.20X906Ea15p bright blue (Rb)1.40
X8695½p violet (Cb)0.12X90715½p pale violet (2b)0.25
X8706p light emerald (2b) (GA 1.20)0.12X907Eu15½p pale violet (2b) u/p T10.30
X8716½p greenish blue (2b)0.18X90816p olive-drab (2b)0.55
X8726½p greenish blue (Cb)0.14X90917p grey-blue (2b)0.25
X8736½p greenish blue (Rb)0.60X909Eu17p grey-blue (2b) u/p T40.30
X873Ea6½p greenish blue (Lb)0.35X91017p deep blue (Cb)0.40
X8747p purple-brown (2b)0.18X91117p deep blue (Rb)3.20
X8757p purple-brown (Cb)0.12X911Ea17p deep blue (Lb)0.65
X8767p purple-brown (Rb)0.20X91218p deep olive-grey (2b)0.30
X876Ea7p purple-brown (Lb)0.15X91318p bright green (Cb)0.35
X8777½p pale chestnut (2b)0.15X91419p bright orange-red (2b)0.80
X8788p rosine (2b)0.18X91520p dull purple (2b)0.55
X8798p rosine (Cb)0.15X91620p brown-black (2b)0.50
X8808p rosine (Rb)0.30X91722p bright orange (2b)0.60
X880Ea8p rosine (Lb)0.20X917a25p rose-red (2b)7.80
X8818½p light yellow-green (2b)0.15X91826p rosine (2b) 3.50
X881Eb8½p deeper yellow-green (2b)0.20
X8829p yellow-orange & black (2b)0.22X91931p purple (2b)7.50
X8839p deep violet (2b)0.18X92034p ochre-brown (2b)3.00
X8849½p purple (2b)0.20X92150p ochre-brown (2b)1.50
X88510p orange-brown & chestnut TI (2b)0.20X92250p ochre (sand) (2b)2.40
X88610p orange-brown TI (2b)0.20 Some of the above values are available with gum arabic adhesive - noted GA
b) Photogravure by Harrison on phosphorised paper - Perforations 15 x 14
X924½p turquoise-blue 0.05X96020p brownish black0.40
X9251p crimson0.03X96120½p ultramarine0.45
X9262p myrtle-green0.05X96222p blue0.40
X9272p deep green (redrawn)0.10X96322p yellow-green0.45
X9282p myrtle-green (redrawn)2.55X96422p bright orange-red0.45
X9292½p rose-red0.09X96523p brown-red0.60
X9303p bright magenta TI0.09X96623p bright green0.60
X930c3p bright magenta TII0.45X96724p violet0.50
X9313½p purple-brown0.13X96824p Indian red0.80
X9324p deep greenish blue0.20X96924p chestnut0.45
X932Ea4p pale greenish blue0.10
X9334p new blue0.15X97025p purple0.45
X9345p pale violet0.15X97126p rosine TI0.45
X9355p dull red-brown0.15X971b26p rosine TII1.00
X9366p olive-yellow0.15X97226p drab TII0.80
X9377p brownish red0.40X97327p chestnut0.75
X9388½p yellowish green0.22X97427p violet0.70
X93910p orange-brown TI0.20X97528p deep violet0.50
X94010p dull orange TII0.25X97628p ochre0.70
X94111p brown-red0.35X97728p deep bluish grey0.60
X94211½p ochre-brown0.25X97829p ochre-brown0.60
X94312p yellowish green0.25X97929p deep mauve0.85
X94413p olive-grey0.25X98030p deep olive-grey0.65
X94513½p purple-brown0.30X98131p purple0.60
X94614p grey-blue0.25X98231p ultramarine0.90
X94715p ultramarine0.30X98332p greenish blue0.80
X94815½p pale violet0.30X98433p light emerald0.70
X94916p olive-drab0.25X98534p ochre-brown0.80
X949Eu16p olive-drab u/p T30.30X98634p deep bluish grey0.80
X95016½p pale chestnut0.35X98734p deep mauve0.85
X95117p light emerald0.35X98835p sepia0.90
X95217p grey-blue0.30X98935p yellow0.80
X952Eu17p grey-blue u/p T20.35X99037p rosine0.90
X95317½p pale-chestnut0.35X99139p bright mauve0.85
X95418p deep violet0.35   
X95518p deep olive-grey0.30c) Photogravure on ordinary paper - Perfs 15 x 14
X95619p bright orange-red0.30X99250p ochre-brown0.90
X95719½p olive-grey0.60X99375p grey-black1.75
X95820p dull purple0.50d) Photogravure on ord. or phosphor paper - Perfs 15 x 14
X95920p turquoise-green0.40X99450p ochre (sand)1.00
e) Lithography by John Waddington with phosphor bands or on phosphorised paper - Perforations 14
X9964p greenish blue (2b)0.15X99820p dull purple (2b)0.75
X9974p greenish blue (pp)0.20X99920p dull purple (pp)0.75
f) Lithography by Questa with phosphor bands or on phosphorised paper - Perforations 15 x 14
X10002p emerald green (pp) Perf 140.10X101218p bright green (Rb)0.45
X1000a2p emerald green (pp)0.20X1012Ea18p bright green (Lb)0.45
X10012p bright green & deep green (pp)0.45X101319p bright orange-red (pp)0.85
X10024p greenish blue (pp)0.50X101420p dull purple (pp)0.70
X10035p light violet (pp) Perf 140.25X101522p yellow-green (2b)4.50
X10045p claret (pp) Perf 140.25X101622p bright orange-red (pp)0.35
X1004a5p claret (pp)0.25X101724p chestnut (pp)0.40
X100513p pale chestnut (Cb)0.20X101824p chestnut (2b)0.70
X100613p pale chestnut (Rb)0.20X101933p light emerald (pp)1.10
X1006Ea13p pale chestnut (Lb)0.20X102033p light emerald (2b)0.50
X100714p deep blue (Cb)0.75X102134p ochre-brown (2b)4.50
X100817p deep blue (Cb)0.25X102239p bright mauve (2b)0.60
X100918p deep olive-grey (pp)0.30X102375p black (ord. ppr) Perf 141.70
X101018p deep olive-grey (2b)3.30X1023a75p black (ord. ppr) 1.80
X101118p bright green (Cb)0.30X102475p brownish grey & black (pp) 4.50
g) Lithography by Walsall with phosphor bands or on phosphorised paper - Perforations 14
X10502p deep green (pp)0.60X105529p deep mauve (pp)2.50
X105114p deep blue (Rb)2.15X105631p ultramarine (pp)0.70
X105219p bright orange-red (2b)0.70X105733p light emerald (pp)0.75
X105324p chestnut (pp)0.50X105839p bright mauve (pp)0.85
X105429p deep mauve (2b)1.50Note: X1050 to X1058 only exist with one or more sides imperforate
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Please see order page for conversion to other currencies

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