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Peter's Stamps

Price lists for the stamps of Northern Ireland (1958 to date)
Glossary for phosphor & phosphor-banded stamps:

(aop) = all over phosphor, u/p = printing on gummed side, (1b) = 1 band, (Cb) = centre band, (Lb) = left band, (Rb) = right band, (2b) = 2 bands, (pp) = phosphorised paper,

1958-1967 - Photogravure by Harrison - Watermark: Multiple Crowns - Perforations 15 x 14
SGFace value/colourPrice £SGFace value/colourPrice £
NI 13d deep lilac0.10NI 36d deep claret0.30
NI 1p3d deep lilac (Cb)0.10NI 49d bronze-green (2b)0.25
NI 24d ultramarine0.10NI 51/3d green0.30
NI 2p4d ultramarine (2b)0.10NI 61/6d grey-blue (2b)0.20
1968-1969 - Photogravure by Harrison - No Watermark - Perforations 15 x 14
NI 74d deep bright blue (2b)0.10NI 105d royal-blue (2b)0.15
NI 7Ev4d deep bright blue PVA gum (2b)30.00
NI 84d olive-sepia (Cb)0.15NI 111/6d grey-blue (2b)1.80
NI 94d bright vermilion (Cb)0.15 Set of 13 (NI 1 to NI 11 - no NI 7Ev)3.30
a) 1971-1980 - Photogravure by Harrison - Machin head - No Watermark - Perforations 15 x 14
NI 122½p bright magenta (Cb)0.10NI 227p purple-brown (Cb)0.10
NI 133p ultramarine (2b)0.05NI 237½p chestnut (2b)0.15
NI 143p ultramarine (Cb)0.05NI 248p rosine (2b)0.10
NI 153½p olive-grey (2b)0.05NI 258½p yellow-green (2b)0.15
NI 163½p olive-grey (Cb)0.05NI 269p deep violet (2b)0.15
NI 174½p grey-blue (2b)0.10NI 2710p orange-brown (2b)0.15
NI 185p reddish violet (2b)0.10NI 2810p orange-brown (Cb)0.15
NI 195½p violet (2b)0.10NI 2910½p steel-blue (2b)0.15
NI 205½p violet (Cb)0.10NI 3011p scarlet (2b)0.15
NI 216½p greenish blue (Cb)0.10   
b) 1980 - Photogravure by Harrison - Machin head - on phophorised paper - Perforations 15 x 14
NI 3112p yellowish green (pp)0.15NI 3315p ultramarine (pp)0.20
NI 3213½p purple-brown (pp)0.20   
c) 1981-1993 - Lithography by Questa - Machin head - No Watermark - Perforations 15 x 14
NI 3411½p drab TI (1b) perf 140.30NI 5120p brownish blackTII (pp)0.30
NI 3512p bright emerald TII (1b)0.25NI 5220½p ultramarine TI (pp) perf 140.65
NI 3612½p light emerald TI (1b) perf 140.20NI 5322p blue TI (pp) perf 140.50
NI 36a12½p light emerald TI (1b)1.60NI 5422p yellow-green TI (pp)0.30
NI 3713p pale chestnut TI (1b)0.20NI 5522p bright orange-red TII (pp)0.30
NI 37Ea13p pale chestnut TII (1b)0.45NI 5623p bright green TII (pp)0.35
NI 3814p grey-blue TI (pp) perf 140.25NI 5724p Indian red TII (pp)0.40
NI 3914p deep blue TII (Cb)0.20NI 5824p chestnut TII (pp)0.30
NI 4015p bright blue TII (Cb)0.20NI 5924p chestnut TII (2b)0.75
NI 4115½p pale violet TI (pp) perf 140.20NI 6026p rosine TI (pp) perf 140.35
NI 4216p drab TI (pp) perf 140.30NI 60a26p rosine TII (pp)0.80
NI 42a16p drab TI (pp)2.60NI 6126p drab TII (pp)0.75
NI 4317p grey-blue TI (pp)0.25NI 6228p deep violet-blue TI (pp) perf 140.35
NI 43Ea17p grey-blue TII (pp) 168.00NI 62a28p deep violet-blue TII (pp)0.35
NI 4417p deep blue TII (Cb)0.25NI 6328p deep bluish grey TII (pp)0.45
NI 4518p deep violet TI (pp) perf 140.40NI 6431p bright purple TI (pp)0.40
NI 4618p deep olive-grey TII (pp)0.25NI 64Ea31p bright purple TII (pp)1.20
NI 4718p bright green TII (Cb)0.35NI 6532p greenish blue TII (pp)0.60
NI 47a18p bright green TII (Cb) perf 144.95NI 6634p deep bluish grey TII (pp)0.70
NI 4818p bright green TII (1b)0.75NI 6737p rosine TII (pp)0.85
NI 4919p bright orange-red TII (pp)0.25NI 6839p bright mauve TII (pp)1.20
NI 5019½p olive-grey TI (pp) perf 140.35   
The above stamps (NI 34 to NI 68) are either TI or TII. Click here for further explanation >>>>
1993 to 1996 - (a) Lithography by Questa - No Watermark - Perforations 15 x 14 with elliptical hole
NI 6919p bistre (Cb)0.35NI 7326p red-brown (2b)0.85
NI 7019p bistre (Lb)0.25NI 7430p deep olive-grey (2b)0.40
NI 70Ec19p bistre (Rb)0.50NI 7537p bright mauve (2b)1.35
NI 7120p bright green (Cb)0.55NI 7641p grey-brown (2b)0.50
NI 7225p red (2b)0.30NI 7763p light emerald (2b) 1.80
1993 to date - (b) Photogravure by Harrison or Walsall - Perforations 15 x 14 with elliptical hole
NI 7819p bistre (Cb)1.95NI 8338p ultramarine (2b)4.50
NI 7920p bright green (Cb)0.60NI 8440p deep azure (2b)1.45
NI 8020p bright green (Rb)1.80NI 8563p light emerald (2b)2.65
NI 8126p chestnut (2b)0.40NI 8664p turquoise-green (2b) 4.80
NI 81b26p chestnut (2b) perf 141.80NI 8765p greenish blue (2b) 1.95
NI 8237p bright mauve (2b)0.55   
2000 - Photogravure by Walsall - Perf 14 with elliptical hole on each vertical side - No value indicated
NI 881st class bright orange-red (2b)0.80NI 88b1st class bright orange-red (2b) perf 15x145.80
2001 - Lithography by Walsall or De La Rue - Perf 15x14 with elliptical hole on each vertical side (pictorial definitives)
NI 892nd Basalt Columns, Giant's Causeway (Cb)0.65NI 112£1.10p Belleck Vase Pattern (2b)1.80
NI 901st Patchwork Fields (2b)0.80NI 113£1.28p Belleek Vase Pattern (2b)2.10
NI 91'E' Linen Pattern (2b)1.40NI 114£1.33p Belleek Vase Pattern (2b)2.20
NI 9265p Belleck Vase Pattern (2b)1.45NI 1222nd Basalt Columns, Giant's Causeway (Cb) photo0.65
NI 9368p Belleck Vase Pattern (2b)1.30NI 1231st Patchwork Fields (2b) photo 0.80
NI 942nd Basalt Columns, Giant's Causeway (Cb) litho0.80NI 12448p Linen Pattern (2b) photo0.85
NI 951st Patchwork Fields (2b) litho1.00NI 12550p Linen Pattern (2b) photo0.90
NI 96'E' Linen Pattern (2b) 1.40 NI 12656p Linen Pattern (2b) photo1.00
NI 9740p Linen Pattern (2b) 0.80 NI 12760p Linen Pattern (2b) photo1.05
NI 9842p Linen Pattern (2b) Walsall0.80 NI 12878p Belleck Vase Pattern (2b) photo1.35
NI 98a42p Linen Pattern (2b) De la Rue2.40 NI 12981p Belleck Vase Pattern (2b) photo1.40
NI 9944p Linen Pattern (2b)1.20 NI 13090p Belleck Vase Pattern (2b) photo1.55
NI 10068p Belleck Vase Pattern (2b) 1.35 NI 13197p Belleck Vase Pattern (2b) photo1.70
NI 10168p Linen Pattern (2b) 1.15 MS NI 152Celebrating Northern Ireland m/s3.40
NI 10272p Belleck Vase Pattern (2b) 1.50 MS NI 15350th Ann. of Country definitives m/s6.85
NI 10387p Linen Pattern (2b)1.45 NI 1541st deep lilac - design as N 1 (2b) - bklt stamp1.00
NI 10488p Linen Pattern (2b)1.45 NI 1551st green - design as N 3 (2b) - bklt stamp1.00
NI 10597p Linen Pattern (2b)1.60 NI 1561st claret - design as N 2 (2b) - bklt stamp1.00
NI 106£1 Linen Pattern (2b)1.65
NI 107£1.05 Linen Pattern (2b)1.70
Note: NI 94-NI 143 have a white border
Please see order page for conversion to other currencies

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