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Collector's Corner

Items offered

If you have collectible items you wish to sell or exchange, let me know and I will include them on this page. Others who are interested in your offerings will contact you by Email to negotiate directly with you.

Inclusion of your collectibles on this page is free and I can not be responsible for any arrangements made between you and another. I would be grateful, however, if you let me know of the outcome of any negotiations, successful or otherwise.

Peter GladmanThanet, Kent, England

Item # DescriptioncontactPrice or exchange for
O001Postal Orders from around the world Jack Harwood Postal Orders from around the world
O002Princess Diana 1998 £5 coin ~ Peter GladmanMint British stamps face value £6.00
O003Postcards from Lundy Island (various) Peter Gladman£4.50 - £9.50 each
O004Postcards from around the world (various) Peter Gladman£5.00 for 10 cards (or £5 face GB mint stamps)
I have collections and sets of stamps from the following countries dating from the 19th century to about 2000. If of interest I will let you know more precisely what I have. Ideally I would prefer to sell complete collections but will consider selling individual sets. Prices will be in the region of 60% of catalogue.
Aland IslandsAscension Island
AustraliaAustralian Antarctica
British AntarcticaChristmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsFaroe Islands
NauruNew Zealand
New Zealand AntarcticaNorfolk Island
Papua & Papua New GuineaPitcairn Island
Railway StampsSamoa

Please see order page for conversion to other currencies

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