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Stamps from Other Countries

This page is under construction and will offer stamps from countries of the world other than Great Britain, Isle of Man & the Channel Islands.

Unless specified otherwise, they will be unmounted mint and in complete sets.

Peter GladmanAshford, Kent, England


CountryYear & SubjectPrice (£)
Anguilla1979 London 1980 I.S.E.0.60
Antigua1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee Booklet3.00
Ascension1981 Flowers Booklet (stapled left)7.00
Barbados1953 Coronation0.20
Barbados1982 Visit of President Reagan m/s1.40
Christmas Island1953 Coronation0.60
Eire (Irish Republic)1980 Fauna & Flora m/s0.85
Fiji1953 Coronation0.30
Gibraltar1996 Puppies m/s3.20
Gibraltar1998 Princess of Wales m/s2.50
Iceland2000 Discovery of Vinland m/s5.00
New Hebrides1953 Coronation0.25
St. Vincent1966 Winston Churchill0.55
Singapore2004 Belgica m/s1.20
South Africa1976 Mail Ship0.25
South Africa1979 Zulu War m/s1.40
South Africa1979 Roses m/s0.80
South Africa1980 Pieter Wenning m/s0.50
South Africa1983 Tourism- Beaches0.60
South Africa1983 Tourism- Beaches m/s1.10
South Africa1984 Medals0.85
South Africa1984 Medals m/s1.10
South Africa1988 Huguenots2.00
S.W. Africa1982 Explorers0.80
S.W. Africa1984 Spring Flora0.60

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