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Peter's Stamps

Postal Headquarters (& other) Cards

A list of Postal Headquarters card sets (and a few others!) most bearing Commemorative stamps for sale. In most cases there is only one of each item available:

SG Cat. (stamps) Postmarked At: Description Price(£sterling)
Unless indicated otherwise, cards are from Great Britain.

Addresses on these covers are indicated as (T) = typed or printed, (M) = manuscript, (L) = adhesive label or (U) = unaddressed

Stamps, where affixed, are either on the picture side (P) or the address side (A)

New Zealand SG993-9966 Dec 1972Mint (5 cards)Lake Scene (U)1.25
SG941-94214 Nov 1973Sutton, Surrey (1 card)Royal Wedding. Princess Anne & Mark Phillips (M, A) both stamps on single card - price for fine used stamps0.50
New Zealand SG1037-10405 Dec 1973Mint (5 cards)Mountain Scenery (U)1.25
SG1033 & 1035-103711 May 1977Sutton, Surrey (1 card)Royal Silver Jubilee (M, A) all 4 stamps on single card - price for fine used stamps0.65
SG1059-106231 May 1978Sutton, Surrey (1 card)25th Anniversary of the Coronation (M, A) all 4 stamps on single card - price for fine used stamps0.55
SG1063-10665 Jul 1978Various special (4 cards)Horses (U, A)4.00
SG1063-10665 Jul 1978Reading, Berkshire (4 cards)Horses (U, P)3.25
SG1063-10665 Jul 1978Basingstoke, Hampshire (4 cards)Horses (T, A)3.00
SG1095-109822 Aug 1979Mint (4 cards)Death Centenary of Sir Rowland Hill (U)0.75
SG1109-111216 Jan 1980Birmingham & Leicester (4 cards)Centenary of the Wild Bird Protection Act (U, A)2.00
SG1109-111216 Jan 1980Chelmsford, Essex (4 cards)Centenary of the Wild Bird Protection Act (U, P)2.00
SGX9437 Jul 1980Brighton, SussexRoyal Mail picture postcard - 'Postbus' first day of sale & special handstamp (U, A)0.50
SG1130-113310 Sep 1980Philatelic Bureau, Edinburgh (4 cards)British Conductors (U, P)2.00
SG1138-114219 Nov 1980Various special (5 cards)Christmas - each bearing a gutter pair of the appropriate stamps (L, P)4.00
Great Britain 1143-11466 Feb 1981Headington Quarry, OxfordSet of 4 PHQ cards each stamped with appropriate Folklore issue (L)2.25
SG1151-115413 May 1981Philatelic Bureau, Edinburgh (4 cards)Butterflies (U, A) 2.50
SG1151-115413 May 1981London W1 (4 cards)Butterflies (L, P) 2.50
SG1155-115924 Jun 1981London EC (5 cards)50th Anniversary of the National Trust for Scotland (T, A) 18p card slightly marked1.75
SG1160-116122 Jul 1981Mint (2 cards)Royal Wedding. Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer (U) 1.50
SG1160-116122 Jul 1981London EC (2 cards)Royal Wedding. Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer (U, P) 3.25
SG1160-116122 Jul 1981London EC (2 cards)Royal Wedding. Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer (T, A) 3.00
SG1162-116512 Aug 1981London EC (4 cards)25th Anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (T, A) 2.00
SG1166-116923 Sep 1981Mint (4 cards)Fishing Industry (U) 1.00
SG1166-116923 Sep 1981London EC (4 cards)Fishing Industry (T, A) 2.00
SG1170-117418 Nov 1981London EC (5 cards)Christmas. Children's Pictures (T, A) 2.50
SG1175-117810 Feb 1982London EC (4 cards)Death Centenary of Charles Darwin (T, A) 3.25
Royal Mail (SEPR)22 Feb 1982Mint (1 card)SE Postal Region Historical Transport Postcard (SEPR 23) showing the London Stage Coach No. 1058 c. 1838 (U) 1.00
SG1179-118224 Mar 1982London EC (4 cards)Youth Organisations (T, A) 3.25
SG1183-118628 Apr 1982Mint (4 cards)Europa. British Theatre (U) 1.25
SG1183-118628 Apr 1982London EC (4 cards)Europa. British Theatre (T, A) 3.25
New Zealand SG1266-12692 Jun 1982Mint (4 cards)"The Four Seasons" NZ Scenes (U)1.00
SG1187-119116 Jun 1982London EC (5 cards)Maritime Heritage (T, A) 3.75
SG1196-11978 Sep 1982London EC (2 cards)Information Technology (T, A) 2.15
SG1198-120113 Oct 1982London EC (4 cards)British Motor Cars (T, A) 3.50
SG1202-120617 Nov 1982London EC (5 cards)Christmas. Carols (T, A) 3.50
SG1207-121026 Jan 1983Mint (4 cards)British River Fishes (U) 1.50
SG1207-121026 Jan 1983Various special (4 cards)British River Fishes (U, P) 4.50
SG1207-121026 Jan 1983London EC (4 cards)British River Fishes (T, A) 3.75
SG1211-12149 Mar 1983London EC (4 cards)Commonwealth Day. Geographical Regions (T, A) 3.25
Postal Museum Card SS/156 May 1983Mint (1 card)Card showing the George V 5/- Seahorse stamp (U) 1.00
SG1215-121725 May 1983London EC (3 cards)Europa. Engineering Achievements (T, A) 3.00
New Zealand SG1316-13191 Jun 1983Mint (4 cards)Beautiful New Zealand (U)1.00
SG1218-12226 Jul 1983Mint (5 cards)British Army Uniforms (U) 1.50
SG1218-12226 Jul 1983Various special (5 cards)British Army Uniforms (L, P) 4.50
SG1218-12226 Jul 1983London EC (5 cards)British Army Uniforms (T, A) 3.75
SG1223-122624 Aug 1983London EC (4 cards)British Gardens (T, A) 3.00
SG1236-123917 Jan 1984Mint (4 cards)500th Anniversary of the College of Arms (U) 1.50
New Zealand SG1332-13354 Apr 1984Mint (4 cards)NZ Ferry Boats (U)1.00
SG1245-124810 Apr 1984Mint (4 cards)Urban Renewal (U) 1.50
SG1249-125215 May 1984Various (4 cards)25th Anniversary of CEPT & 2nd Elections to the European Parliament (U) Benham Silks5.25
SG1249-125215 May 1984Mint (4 cards)25th Anniversary of CEPT & 2nd Elections to the European Parliament (U) 1.50
SG1263-126625 Sep 1984Mint (4 cards)50th Anniversary of the British Council (U) 1.50
SG1267-127120 Nov 1984Mint (5 cards)Christmas 1984 (U) 1.50
SG1272-127622 Jan 1985Mint (5 cards)Famous Trains (U) 2.50
SG1277-128112 Mar 1985Mint (5 cards)Insects (U) 1.50
SG1282-128514 May 1985Mint (4 cards)Europa. European Music Year (U) 1.50
SG1286-128918 Jun 1985Mint (4 cards)Safety at Sea (U) 1.50
SG1290-129330 Jul 1985Mint (4 cards)350 Years of the Royal Mail (U) 1.50
SG1298-13028 Oct 1985Mint (5 cards)British Film Year (U) 1.50
SG1308-131114 Jan 1986Mint (4 cards)Industry Year (U) 1.50
SG1312-131518 Feb 1986Mint (4 cards)Appearance of Halley's Comet (U) 2.00
SG1316-131921 Apr 1986Mint (4 cards)60th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (U) 1.50
SG1328-133215 Jul 1986Mint (5 cards)13th Commonwealth Games (U) 2.00
SG1333-133422 Jul 1986Mint (2 cards)Royal Wedding. Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson (U) 0.75
SG133519 Aug 1986Mint (1 card)32nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference (U) 0.50
SG1336-134016 Sep 1986Mint (5 cards)History of the Royal Air Force (U) 2.00
SG1342-134618 Nov 1986Mint (5 cards)Christmas. Folk Customs (U) 1.50
SG1347-135020 Jan 1987Mint (4 cards)Flower Photographs by Alfred Lammer (U) 1.50
SG1351-135424 Mar 1987Mint (4 cards)300th Anniversary of "The Principia Mathematica" by Sir Isaac Newton (U) 1.50
SG1355-135812 May 1987Mint (4 cards)Europa. British Architects in Europe (U) 1.50
SG1359-136216 Jun 1987Mint (4 cards)Centenary of the St. John Ambulance Brigade (U) 1.50
SG1363-136621 Jul 1987Mint (4 cards)300th Anniversary of the Revival of the Order of the Thistle (U) 1.50
SG1367-13708 Sep 1987Mint (4 cards)150th Anniversary of Queen Victoria's Accession (U) 1.50
SG1371-137413 Oct 1987Mint (4 cards)Studio Pottery (U) 1.50
SG1375-137917 Nov 1987Mint (5 cards)Christmas 1987 (U) 1.50
SG1380-138319 Jan 1988Mint (4 cards)Bicentenary of the Linnean Society (U) 1.50
SG1384-13871 Mar 1988Mint (4 cards)400th Anniversary of the Welsh Bible (U) 1.50
SG1388-139122 Mar 1988Mint (4 cards)Sports Organisations (U) 1.25
SG1396-139921 Jun 1988Mint (4 cards)Bicentenary of Australian Settlement (U) 1.00
SG1400-140419 Jul 1988Mint (5 cards)400th Anniversary of the Spanish Armada (U) 1.25
SG1405-14086 Sep 1988Mint (4 cards)Death Centenary of Edward Lear (U) 1.00
SG1414-141815 Nov 1988Mint (5 cards)CChristmas Cards (U) 1.25
SG1419-142217 Jan 1989Various - Benbecula, Leicester,Lundy Island & Bass RockSet of 4 PHQ cards each stamped with appropriate RSPB (Seabirds) issue (L)4.00
SG1419-142217 Jan 1989Mint (4 cards)Centenary of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (U) 1.25
SG1428-14317 Mar 1989Mint (4 cards)Food and Farming Year (U) 1.00
SG1432-143511 Apr 1989Mint (4 cards)Anniversaries. Firework Set-Pieces (U) 1.00
SG1436-143916 May 1989Mint (4 cards)Europa. Games and Toys (U) 1.00
SG1440-14434 Jul 1989Mint (4 cards)Industrial Archaeology (U) 1.00
SG1453-14565 Sep 1989Mint (4 cards)150th Anniversary of the Royal Microscopical Society (U) 1.00
SG1457-146117 Oct 1989Mint (5 cards)The Lord Mayor's Show, London (U) 1.25
SG1462-146614 Nov 1989Mint (5 cards)Christmas. 800th Anniversary of Ely Cathedral (U) 1.25
China 1990Mint (10 cards)Folder of pictorial pre-stamped postcards featuring Guangdong Province. Issued by the Ministry of Posts & Telecoms of the PR of China (U)5.00
SG1479-148223 Jan 1990Mint (4 cards)150th Anniversary of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (U) 1.50
SG1479-148223 Jan 1990Mint (4 cards)150th Anniversary of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (U) 1.50
SG1493-14966 Mar 1990Mint (4 cards)Europa. and Glasgow 1990 European City of Culture (U) 1.25
SG1497-150010 Apr 1990Mint (4 cards)25th Anniversary of the Queen's Awards for Export and Technology (U) 1.25
SG1502-15055 Jun 1990Mint (4 cards)150th Anniversary of Kew Gardens (U) 1.25
SG150610 Jul 1990Mint (1 card)150th Birth Anniversary of Thomas Hardy (U) 0.50
SG1507-15102 Aug 1990Mint (4 cards)90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (U) 1.50
SG1517-152111 Sep 1990Mint (5 cards)Gallantry Awards (U) 1.50
SG1522-152516 Oct 1990Mint (4 cards)Astronomy (U) 1.25
SG1526-153013 Nov 1990Mint (5 cards)Christmas 1990 (U) 1.75
SG1531-15358 Jan 1991Mint (5 cards)Dogs. Paintings by George Stubbs (U) 1.75
SG1546-15495 Mar 1991Mint (4 cards)Scientific Achievements (U) 1.50
SG1560-156323 Apr 1991Mint (4 cards)Europa. Europe in Space (U) 1.50
SG1564-156711 Jun 1991Mint (4 cards)World Student Games, Sheffield & World Cup Rugby Championship, London (U) 1.50
SG1568-157216 Jul 1991Mint (5 cards)9th World Congress of Roses, Belfast (U) 1.75
SG1573-157720 Aug 1991Mint (5 cards)150th Anniversary of Dinosaurs' Identification by Owen (U) 1.75
SG1578-158117 Sep 1991Mint (4 cards)Bicentenary of Ordnance Survey. Maps of Hamstreet, Kent (U) 1.50
SG163824 Dec 1992Cardiff special (1 card)39p Christmas Stamp (L, A)1.50
SG1659-166316 Mar 1993Mint (5 cards)World Orchid Conference issue (U)1.50
SG1901-190425 Jan 1996Dumfries (4 cards)Death Centenary of Robert Burns (T, P) 3.25
SG1915-191912 Mar 1996Mint (5 cards)50th Anniversary of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (U) 4.50
SG1915-191912 Mar 1996Various special (5 cards)50th Anniversary of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (T, P) 4.00
SG1920-192416 Apr 1996Various special (5 cards)Centenary of Cinema (T, P) 4.00
SG1925-192914 May 1996Mint (5 cards)European Football Championship (U) 4.50
SG1925-192914 May 1996Various special (5 cards)European Football Championship (T, P) 4.00
SG1930-19349 Jul 1996Various special (5 cards)Olympic & Paralympic Games, Atlanta (T, P) 4.00
SG1935-19396 Aug 1996Various special (5 cards)Europa. Famous Women (T, P) 4.00
SG1940-19443 Sep 1996London W8 special "Bagpuss" cancel (5 cards)50th Anniversary of Children's Television (T, P) 4.00
SG1950-195428 Oct 1996Bethlehem, Llandeilo & Folkestone (5 cards)Christmas (T, P) 3.50
SG1972-197511 Mar 1997RNLI Cornwall special (4 cards)Religious Anniversaries (T, P) 3.50
SG1980-198313 May 1997Various special (4 cards)Europa. Tales and Legends (T, P) 3.50
Ireland SG1124-112514 May 1997DublinEuropa: Tales & Legends. Pair of stamped Maxi cards (U, P)1.70
SG1984-198810 Jun 1997Various special (5 cards)British Aircraft Designers (T, P) 5.00
SG1989-19928 Jul 1997Various special (4 cards)All the Queen's Horses (T, P) 3.50
SG1997-200012 Aug 1997Bath special (4 cards)Sub-Post Offices (T, P) 63p card - corner slightly creased3.00
SG2001-20059 Sep 1997Various special (5 cards)Birth Centenary of Enid Blyton (T, P) 5.00
SG2006-201027 Oct 1997Various special (5 cards)150th Anniversary of the Christmas Cracker (T, P) 4.50
SG2064-20682 Nov 1998Mint PHQ (5 cards)Christmas Angels (U) 1.50

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