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Peter's Stamps

Price lists for the stamps of Scotland (1958 to date)
Glossary for phosphor & phosphor-banded stamps:

(aop) = all over phosphor, u/p = printing on gummed side, (1b) = 1 band, (Cb) = centre band, (Lb) = left band, (Rb) = right band, (2b) = 2 bands, (pp) = phosphorised paper,

1958-1967 - Photogravure by Harrison - Watermark: Multiple Crowns - Perforations 15 x 14
SGFace value/colourPrice £SGFace value/colourPrice £
S 13d deep lilac0.15S 36d deep claret0.15
S 1p3d deep lilac (2b)6.60S 3p6d deep claret (2b)0.20
S 1pa3d deep lilac (Rb)0.20S 49d bronze-green (2b)0.25
S 1pb3d deep lilac (Lb)0.20S 51/3d green0.25
S 1pd3d deep lilac (Cb)0.15S 5p1/3d green (2b)0.20
S 24d ultramarine0.15S 61/6d grey-blue (2b)0.25
S 2p4d ultramarine (2b)0.15     
1967-1970 - Photogravure by Harrison - No Watermark - Perforations 15 x 14
S 73d deep lilac (Cb)0.15S 115d royal blue (2b)0.15
S 84d deep bright blue (2b)0.15S 129d bronze-green (2b)2.30
S 94d olive-sepia (Cb)0.15S 131/6d grey-blue (2b)0.60
S 104d bright vermilion (Cb)0.15 Set of 20 (S 1 to S 13)11.15
a) 1971-1980 - Photogravure by Harrison - Machin head - No Watermark - Perforations 15 x 14
S 142½p bright magenta (Cb)0.05S 247p purple-brown (Cb)0.10
S 153p ultramarine (2b)0.05S 257½p chestnut (2b)0.15
S 163p ultramarine (Cb)0.05S 268p rosine (2b)0.10
S 173½p olive-grey (2b)0.05S 278½p yellow-green (2b)0.15
S 183½p olive-grey (Cb)0.05S 289p deep violet (2b)0.15
S 194½p grey-blue (2b)0.10S 2910p orange-brown (2b)0.15
S 205p reddish violet (2b)0.10S 3010p orange-brown (Cb)0.15
S 215½p violet (2b)0.10S 3110½p steel-blue (2b)0.15
S 225½p violet (Cb)0.10S 3211p scarlet (2b)0.15
S 236½p greenish blue (Cb)0.10   
b) 1980 - Photogravure by Harrison - Machin head - on phophorised paper - Perforations 15 x 14
S 3312p yellowish green (pp)0.15S 3515p ultramarine (pp)0.20
S 3413½p purple-brown (pp)0.20   
c) 1981-1985 - Lithography by Waddington - Machin head - No Watermark - Perforations 14
S 3611½p drab TI (1b) 0.15S 4418p deep violet TI (pp) 0.25
S 3712p bright emerald TII (1b) 0.50S 4519½p olive-grey TI (pp) 0.30
S 3812½p light emerald TI (1b) 0.20S 4620½p ultramarine TII (pp) 0.65
S 3913p pale chestnut TI (1b)0.20S 4722p blue TI (pp)0.30
S 39Ea13p pale chestnut TII (1b)5.55S 4822p yellow-green TI (pp)1.45
S 4014p grey-blue TI (pp)0.20S 48Ea22p yellow-green TII (pp)21.60
S 4115½p pale violet TI (pp) 0.20S 4926p rosine TI (pp)0.35
S 4216p drab TII (pp)0.20S 5028p deep violet-blue TII (pp)0.35
S 4317p grey-blue TI (pp)0.55S 5131p bright purple TI (pp)0.85
S 43Ea17p grey-blue TII (pp)0.35S 51Ea31p bright purple TII (pp)168.00
d) 1986-1993 - Lithography by Questa - Machin head - No Watermark - Perforations 15 x 14
S 5212p bright emerald TII (1b)0.70S 6823p bright green TII (2b) 3.90
S 5313p pale chestnut TII (1b) 0.20S 6924p Indian red TII (pp)0.40
S 5414p deep blue TII (Cb) 0.20S 7024p chestnut TII (pp)0.30
S 5514p deep blue TII (1b)0.20S 70a24p chestnut TII (pp) perf 143.30
S 5615p bright blue TII (Cb)0.20S 7124p chestnut TII (2b)0.75
S 5717p grey-blue TII (pp)1.35S 7226p rosine TII (pp)1.35
S 5817p deep blue TII (Cb)0.25S 7326p drab TII (pp)0.45
S 5918p deep olive-grey TII (pp) 0.25S 7428p deep violet-blue TII (pp)0.35
S 6018p bright green TII (Cb) 0.25S 7528p deep bluish grey TII (pp)0.50
S 60a18p bright green TII (Cb) perf 140.45S 75a28p deep bluish grey TII (pp) perf 145.55
S 6118p bright green TII (1b)0.75S 7631p bright purple TII (pp)1.00
S 6219p bright orange-red TII (pp)0.25S 7732p greenish blue TII (pp) 0.55
S 6319p bright orange-red TII (2b)0.30S 7834p deep bluish grey TII (pp)0.65
S 6420p brownish black TII (pp)0.25S 7937p rosine TII (pp)0.65
S 6522p yellow-green TII (pp)0.30S 8039p bright mauve TII (pp)0.90
S 6622p bright orange-red TII (pp)0.30S 80a39p bright mauve TII (pp) perf 147.80
S 6723p bright green TII (pp)0.30     
The above stamps (S 36 to S 80) are either TI or TII. Click here for further explanation >>>>
1993 to 1996 - (a) Lithography by Questa - No Watermark - Perforations 15 x 14 with elliptical hole
S 8119p bistre (Cb)0.35S 8630p deep olive-grey (2b)0.45
S 8219p bistre (Rb)0.50S 8737p bright mauve (2b)1.00
S 8320p bright green (Cb)0.60S 8841p grey-brown (2b)0.65
S 8425p red (2b)0.30S 8963p light emerald (2b) 1.50
S 8526p red-brown (2b)0.60     
1993 to 1998 - (b) Photogravure by Harrison or Walsall - Perforations 15 x 14 with elliptical hole
S 9020p bright green (Cb)0.45S 91a26p chestnut (2b) perf 141.80
S 90a20p bright green (Rb)1.80S 9237p bright mauve (2b)0.55
S 9126p chestnut (2b)0.40S 9363p light emerald (2b) 2.70
1999 - Photogravure by Walsall or De La Rue - Perforations 15 x 14 with elliptical hole (pictorials)
S 942nd class Saltire (Cb)0.65S 11548p Thistle (2b)0.85
S 951st class Scottish Lion (2b)0.80S 11650p Thistle (2b)0.90
S 96E class Thistle (2b)1.40S 11756p Thistle (2b)1.00
S 9764p Tartan (2b)3.90S 11860p Thistle (2b)1.00
S 9865p Tartan (2b)1.35S 11968p Thistle (2b)1.15
S 9968p Tartan (2b)1.30S 12072p Tartan (2b)1.20
Note: S108-131 have a white border >>S 12178p Tartan (2b)1.35
S 1081st class bright orange-red (2b) *0.80S 12281p Tartan (2b)1.40
S 1092nd class Saltire (Cb)0.65S 12390p Tartan (2b)1.55
S 1101st class Scottish Lion (2b) photo0.80S 12497p Tartan (2b)1.60
S 111E class Thistle (2b)1.50S 1302nd class Saltire (Cb) litho 0.85
S 11240p Thistle (2b)0.50S 1311st class Scottish Lion (2b) litho1.05
S 11342p Thistle (2b)0.65S 13268p Thistle (2b) litho1.15
S 11444p Thistle (2b)0.80S 13387p Thistle (2b) litho1.45
S 13488p Thistle (2b) litho1.45
S 13597p Thistle (2b) litho1.60
S 136£1.00 Thistle (2b) litho1.65
S 137£1.05 Thistle (2b) litho1.70
S 142£1.10 Tartan (2b) litho1.80
S 143£1.28 Tartan (2b) litho2.10
S 144£1.33 Tartan (2b) litho2.20
MSS 152Scottish Parliament - 5 values in m/s3.15
MSS 153Celebrating Scotland - 4 values in m/s3.25
S 1541st class - design as S 1 (2b) bklt stamp litho1.00
S 1551st class - design as S 5 (2b) bklt stamp litho1.00
S 1561st class - design as S 3 (2b) bklt stamp litho1.00
MSS 157250th Birth Ann of Robert Burns - 6 values in m/s4.50
S 1581st class Saltire (DY7 booklet stamp) 1.50
2000 - Photogravure by Walsall - Perforations 14 with elliptical hole - no value indicated
S 1081st class bright orange-red (2b) *0.80 
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